Spigot Brewery 1.14.2b

Brewery allows you to brew beer, create your own brand of beer, and receive potion effects

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    Brewery - The long-awaited counterpart to Winery! Brewery allows you to brew beer

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    1.13.1 - Brand names

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  3. Is it possible I could get a 1.12.2 version for this and Winery? It all looks like very good stuff and I'd like to give them a go.
  4. Hello. Is this plugin compatibile with Sn0wStorm's Brewery?
  5. Is it possible to use the new barrel's from 1.14 update instead of a furnace?
  6. I like that idea, i'll look into it. The problem is that currently the ingredients are stored in the furnace slots for use. I'd have to create a special type of barrel designed only for use with brewing. I may also use a composter and fill it slowly to act as a progress bar. I'll try a few things out for the next version.
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  7. Update on these ideas: As far as I can tell, the spigot API does not contain lots of capability for composters. I'm playing around with barrels and custom inventories for the next version instead.
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  8. Hi, I don't get any effect on my server from beer. Your plugin Winery works fine. I'm using paper-156 1.14.4.
  9. Is there a console error or does it just not work?