Spigot Brewery v3.1

Brewery is a plugin for an alternate brewing process, including alcoholic Potions.

  1. Edit: Everything concerning the update to 1.9 has been moved to the master branch!​
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  2. Any luck getting this up and running for 1.9?
  3. One post above yours ^^
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  4. I have been testing an issue with distilling in Brewery 1.4 in which the brewing stand does not show any status or animation when a new brew is added, glowstone is on top and blaze powder is in the fuel spot. Is there any update regarding this since 1.9 added the fuel cell to brewing stands?

    I am also having issues with some ingredients not working after the update in SPIGOT to work with MC 1.9 and was not fixed by updating Brewery to 1.4. The following items no are no longer accepted into the cauldron when they were working in 1.8 SPIGOT.

    Allium (38,2)
    Brown Mushroom (BROWN_MUSHROOM)
    Cactus (CACTUS)
    Dandelion (37 or YELLOW_FLOWER) <- neither worked
    Leaves (LEAVES)
    Poppy (38,0)
    Pumpkin (86 or PUMPKIN) <- neither worked
    Red Mushroom (RED_MUSHROOM)
    Red Tulip (38,4)
    Rose Bush (175,4)
    Sand (SAND)
    White Tulip (38,6)

    In some cases I used the SPIGOT Materials name and in others the MC Item # but none are working.
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  5. Your 1.9 version bug for the Brewing stand. this not working, any way to fix it ?
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  6. Distillation still bugged. Any updates?
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  7. I dont know if it's too much to ask but, can you add support for residence and towny ? I havent tried in residence but in towny anyone in any plot can open barrels.
  8. Hello there! I love this plugin but I've been having one issue with it since 1.8.

    For some reason whenever I brew any type of alcohol and give it to my NPC shop keepers to sell. from Citizen or Shopkeepers plugin, the alcohol looses the ability to make people drunk. I'm not sure why that is but it does. We drank a few beers from a shop keeper right away and got drunk, but then my friend got 100 of them from the shop keeper a few minutes later and drank them all with no effect. He then took 2 out of the barrel where the beer was aging and got drunk off just those 2. I wanted to know if this is fixable.

    Keep up the fine work! I cannot wait to see this fully working in 1.9 and what ever new updates you may have ^^
  9. i think you need to make that brew persistant with /brew persist
    this allows the brew to be used in other plugins with out losing the effects
  10. WHAT!? Seriously? That's AMAZING! I had no idea this was a thing. You have no idea how happy this makes me :) Thank you so much!
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  11. Where can I find the latest Dev builds?
    1.9 brewing in barrels is broken.
  12. What about update ?
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  13. It is also on 1.9.4?
  14. Yes ;)
  15. And where I can download it?
  16. And you don´t have some dev version please ?
  17. It seems there's a great demand, so I'll continue to provide some Beta builds.
    Repo with link in the description: https://github.com/Sataniel98/Brewery