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ENGLISH - Ever want to watch Griefers without Bubbles?

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    BubblesVanish - ENGLISH - Ever want to watch Griefers withour Bubbles?

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  2. Will download immediately.
  3. Yeah hostet on on website ;D Much faster than mediafire or something like this ;D
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    Fatal Mistake Fix!

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  5. No offence, but doesn't Essentials do this?
  6. Idk how to download lel can't undestand lang. T:
  7. I dont know that exactly but every time i used essentials! Other players could see my bubbles!
  8. Ok
    I might use this for my RPG server when it comes out
  9. This is working for 1.8.7 ?
  10. Normaly should also work for 1.8.7 but it's programmed on 1.8.3! If not i look fot it ;D