Spigot BucikGenerators | Custom block generators 1.3.0

A customizable plugin for setting up block generators.

  1. Hello, what id do I have to put to get lapis?
  2. Hello, thank you for your answer except that it does not work. I'm in 1.12.2.
    Here's my config:
    Code (Text):
        break-cooldown: 20
        permission: bucik.generators.charbon1
          item: COAL_BLOCK
          name: "&6&LGenerateur de charbon"
            - "&e"
            - "&7Type: &eGénérateur"
            - "&7Rareté: &e✮✮✮&7✮✮"
            - "&e"
            - "&f&nInformations:"
            - "&7Permet de générer du charbon toute les 1 secondes"
            - "&7 - 100% de charbon"
          item: COAL_ORE
          item-drop-mode: inventory
                chance: 100 # %
                item: COAL
                chance: 100 # %
                item: LAPIS_LAZULI
  3. Do you have any idea what I should use to put lapis in 1.12.2?
  4. Is there an api & javadoc?
  5. Sorry for the late response. Although this plugin works on some versions older than 1.13, the support for legacy versions is very limited. Sorry about that. Don't expect everything to work fine. For example, not all of the item types are going to be recognized, since 1.13 has changed the ID system. Lapis in 1.12 is BLUE_DYE, but on 1.13+ it's LAPIS_LAZULI. I'd have to make a complete rewrite or find a workaround for this.

    No, there's no API yet, but there is some kind of JavaDoc: https://workonfi.re/bucik/generators/apidocs/ (some getters and setters may be missing due to Lombok not generating JavaDoc for these methods, but they do exist)
    Many utilities and basic classes are available.
    And of course the source code: https://workonfi.re/?project=BucikGenerators
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  6. Hi, are you able to add commands that execute on block break as an option for generators?
    Thanks so much!
  7. Sure. I'll release the update very soon.
  8. Can you add particles on break for generators?
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  10. nice plugins but there is a bug when u set cooldown like 100tick
    player can place another block on generator
  11. also durability didn't work with netherite tool