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  1. I want to spend about 600 dollars on a server and I allready made factions spawn and skyblock.

    Or they are all almost done. Anyways I have about 600 dollars that I want to spend on the server and that includs advertising. I want to make a minigame with like alot of really small minigames combined if you get what I mean, I think some other server also has it but I want to come up with my own ideas. So that will probably cost me like 100-150 dollars but i'm no expert. The dedi i'm going to rent will cost around 50 dollars a month and pluss website hosting will be around 10 or less. So I am allready up in 210 dollars. But I don't really know how much I should spend on the rest, for all I know just the minigame could cost me like 1000 dollars but I really hope not. So I need some help setting up a budget with what I just said in mind. I could spend another 100 dollars if you think thats needed but I would prefer 600. And what other minigames should I add like for example bedwars or splegg? And keep in mind that i'm probably going to buy some premium plugins too. Hope this wasn't to confusing xD
  2. Do not copy minigames that are already made. No need for another bedwars server when literally the #1 network already has it.
    Think of more interesting minigame ideas and develop those, ask your friends or users if they think your idea would be fun/interesting to play.

    Your budget will go into 3 main categories:
    1. Developing: this is used to hire a developer(s) to actually create your minigame, and depending on what you want $100-150 will probably not cut it.
    2. Builds: this is used to hire professional builders to build all your maps/arenas for your minigames, lobbies, hubs etc. The prices also vary, depending on what you need (it will cost more if you need a lot of maps, if you need big ones etc.)
    3. Advertising: this is used to advertise your server and get a lot of players to connect in a small amount of time, you will see many players join but very little will actually stay and play regularly.

    Furthermore, starting out doing minigames is really tricky, to have a successful minigame server you need to have a large playerbase to actually play your minigames, so I would think that most of your budget would go into advertising.

    If you have some budget left, it should be put into one of these:
    1. Design/Graphics: art for your server like server-icon, server logo, banner, store design, website design etc.
    2. Website: Self explanatory, very important.
    3. Teamspeak/discord server so players can speak and play together.

    Unless you have a really high budget to advertise, you DO NOT want to release factions, skyblock and minigames at the same time. Players will be spread out on the 3 servers and no one will be able to play together since 2 players will be on factions, 3 on skyblock and 2 on minigames.
    You would want to release factions & skyblock together first, then wait until you have a nice player base to release minigames.

    For everything you want to do, $600 is quite low for factions, skyblock and custom minigames. You could do everything you need if you don't spend anything on advertising, but then you won't get many players to play skyblock and factions since those gamemodes are very generic.
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  3. I'm not copying the minigame I mean that there's some servers with one minigame that has alot of smaller minigames in it so it's the person with the most wins that wins. So let me give you a visual: 3-2-1 start kill the most cows in 10 secounds!. Peter won! 3-2-1 Knock each other out of the arena: last man standing wins! 3-2-1 You get the idea. But I make my own challenges I guess. Or is that just a super bad idea. Because i'm really having problem comming up with ideas for other minigames.
  4. Btw I allready made factions and skyblock. That's what I ment. Or factions is not completly done yet. But I know it's going to be hard getting people to join with that. That's why I want to make my own minigame, so people are like: Oh a new minigame I guess ill try it out.
  5. Get a quote from multiple devs on the custom plugin for your minigame so you have a rough idea of how much it will run you, and don't forget the anticheat cost if you're going for a custom one. If you so have a truly unique idea I suggest scraping off Factions and Skyblock and focusing your budget on the Minigame. But whatever you choose to do, good luck :)
  6. It's not completely unique cause im thinking something like a arcade. But I will come up with the ideas for arcade myself or from others xD. So I guess it's original. Right?
  7. unless you already know exactly what you're doing(which it doesnt sound like it given the amount of money you're talking about) its honestly not worth trying to start a hub network in the current year, its a really poor investment and very likely wont succeed due to having nothing qreatly unique and everything being the same gamemodes that everyone else already does, theres a billion factions/skyblock/bedwars/insert common as fug gamemode here servers that all claim they're unique because they have 1 or 2 "custom" plugins/gamemode which makes them better than most others, whereas in reality theyre just another copy paste plugins hub server that has 1 gamemode thats kinda unique but not really,

    imo unless you have experience running these things and you have heaps of unique never done before minigames that will be just on your network and you have an amazing shill team advertising for you, your server will likely die and fail never reaching much more than 50-100 players, if u really wanna do a server look into doing things that havnt been done before or are really really uncommon
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  8. If I knew exactly what I was doing I wouldn't post this question about money and stuff, cause the reason why I did it was because I needed information about how much things would cost and if I even if my budget was close to what it should be. And I guess i'll just have to do something very uncommon. Thanks ;)
  9. Btw would you suggest just one giant game or many minigames?
  10. imo doing large specific servers are a better way to start out, especially if you dont have a community playing on your servers, if you then feel the need you can expand to other game modes at a later point and because you already have a playerbase by that point expanding probably wouldnt be as hard
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  11. Thanks alot! You really made me switch my mind on what I should do, for the better!
  12. GaIaxy


    Minigame servers are difficult to bring up with Minecraft currently. I mean, for the most part you will need a decent player-base to even think about having people play on your server. I've joined many servers that dumped thousands into their "custom mini-game idea" and it failed because of not having the players to even play it. On top of that, people get spend happy with their servers. It seems like people want to get $1,000.00 saved and dump it into a network that includes a hub, factions, skyblock, skywars, bedwars, and anything else that other networks are doing. In reality, if you create something that a huge network has you'll most likely fail. This isn't always the case, of course.

    My word of advice, and appears to be a popular vote, don't spend your money on a mini-game server. Create a standalone and go from there. Do you want to have a Factions server? Then customize the hell out of it and make it unique. I have a planned server that revolves around SkyBlock but it's unique because the core aspect hasn't been done. Just whatever you do (if factions), don't add "custom" enchants, or anything else that's way overdone.

    If you only want to do a mini-game server, you'll need to dump a lot more than $600.00. For one, half that might be going to development costs. Furthermore, you'll need a really decent budget for advertisement to get people to play on that server. This doesn't even include website costs (if any), server hosting, graphics, builds, and much more. Think wisely and create a business plan. Lay your idea out and ask yourself "Would I play this all day everyday?" "Would people get bored with this game after a few hours or rounds?" If you even get the slightest doubt, then don't do it.
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  13. THANKS;)!!! I'm not making factions anymore. I want to make something completely unique like you said. ;) I have a few ideas so far but I still need alot more!
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    Awesome! I'm glad to hear :)

    Just stick with whatever you're planning on doing. The biggest problem people also have is they start a project and never release it.