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  1. Nodus Griefing announced 4 days ago about a new bug

    So, you must block the rails with chests.

    For everyone, i have code a plugin in 45 minutes to fix this bug.

    - block use of minecart with chests, hopper minecart and powered minecart
    - players cannot open the minecart with chest inventory, hopper minecart and powered minecraft
    - dispenser cannot spawn this 3 minecart

    I have loaded the source of the plugin and the plugin compilated.

    Sorry, the message that send to the players when try to open the inventory of the minecart ecc ecc
    are in italian. If you want in english download the source and recompile it.

    Who use this plugin tell me.
    I hope to be useful :)

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  2. How these plugins are working ?
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  3. externo6


    You do realise this thread was created on the 1st of July 2013?
  4. LiLChris

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    Oh this was fun, reset my server cause of it.
    Anyways this is an old bug that was fixed already in later versions.

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