bug on resources, or crappy plugins?

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  1. hi! I've been in the development biz for like 2 weeks now and my plugins have gotten loads of downloads, but either people aren't rating them, or i am not able to see the ratings, anyone got help?
  2. Show your plugins, cant go to your profile because its private apparently

    also my resources get a lot of reviews so its not a bug m8
  3. you can view my profile now, also i reported that lookcookDev guy.
  4. He already got punished, his posts got removed and his resources got removed, ty xD
  5. Thats not much downloads ;o, but surprised you dont have any reviews lol
  6. lol XD
    ive been checking every day for someone to review my plugins, to know what to focus on, but nobody is leaving a review.
    thats why i made a thread asking what they want.
  7. Work on your plugin pages, also make your plugins unique :p (or better than the other plugins already out there)
  8. ive been trying to make them unique, but i am out of ideas, so im just making the basic necessities of a minecraft server, but im done with the basics.
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    The most downloaded plugin has 36 downloads, that isn't loads. Plugins with 1000 downloads might only get 2 reviews let alone 32 downloads.
  10. to me it is loads, because i am just starting.
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    Okay then don't expect reviews, because thats hardly any and from what I see they are simple plugins already created 300 times before.
    You have a plugin called SimpleWhitelist that literally does the same as the vanilla whitelist. If you are looking for reviews you are going to need something unique. Might sound harsh but that's pretty much how it works.
  12. as i said before, i have no ideas.
  13. My plugin has < 200 DLs and 6 reviews :p
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  14. Sure, ill do it right now xD
  15. may take a while cuz idk git much
  16. Github has a tutorial iirc
  17. what should i make for my next plugin?