[BUG] People can change their username and get the rank of the person

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  1. Hi,
    For some reason, people can change their username and get the rank of the person that used to have that username. So if someone with the account name "account1" has a donator rank called "Donator", and they change their username to "account2", someone else with the username "bob" can change their username to "account1" and they will be the "Donator" rank even though they didn't even pay for it.

    Why is this happening? People are doing this with staff ranks and it's really bad...

    I am using PermissionsEx v1.23.2

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  2. Sounds like your permissions plugin isn't using UUIDs.
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  3. It is.. I use PEX
  4. Give us more details, plugins, spigot version.
  5. Hmm I agree with @hockeymikey it seem's like your having a UUID issue, use this download for pex:
    This is the official download link for Pex as of spigot updated some plugins for 1.8 so try to use this version of Pex not the one on bukkit.
  6. Why are all the builds stormy?
  7. All the builds are listed as stormy.
  8. If users are already changing names and this is taking affect.. it might be a little late to try and fix it correctly now. Your best bet would be to wipe permissions, and issue them out correctly from a clean start. Your issue is definitely that your permission handler is not looking at UUID's it is looking at names.
  9. Well I use PEX and it converts the names to UUIDs so I don't know why this is still happening... :(
  10. konsolas


    Tell your staff and donors to not change their names.
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  11. Is that a joke? That's very unrealistic.
  12. Did you try and use the stormy spigot build version?
  13. No, I didn't because they were stormy :p
  14. I use them currently and they work fine. @nxtboyIII plus I think this is the only way to fix your issue since the "stormy" build you say is the only build that supports UUIDs.
  15. Ok thanks
  16. So I updated it to PEX build 172, hopefully it fixes it