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  1. Hi all! I have a Skywars server that I use MultiSkywars plugin from gaelitoelquesito and the users reported me that they see a paralyzed floating users in the current games and they can't punch them.

    I know it is a bug, I tryed to remove some plugins but it doesn't fix that bug and it is annoying, it doesn't happened me before but it happened 1 week ago.

    The bug begins when you are in game and an user joins to the server, the silhouette may appears on your island, on the middle or even floating in the air and it doesn't move. It's like a visual bug

    Here is a picture of the bug:

    1.- There is a player who appeared on the middle in that tree, I broke a block to see him.
    2.- There is another player floating at the distance.


    I don't know if someone realized this bug on your servers but if someone knows a solution I'll appreciate it. I don't think it is from the SkyWars plugin because I realized that happens in other servers that I have.

    I hope you can help me with this problem.

    I wait your comments. Thank you!

    Best Wishes :D
  2. Report this to the author, not us. If the author doesn't respond then the plugin is most likely abandoned and you will need to find a new plugin.
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  3. I think it is not the author because it also happened in my Creative server that has obviously different plugin.