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  1. I heard build #258 was performing really well.
    I updated and it isn't performing aswell as the one previously.
    I am not sure which build that was sadly.

    90 Online = 6TPS after 3 hours.

    Old build (253? maybe?)

    90 Online =18TPS 7 Hours.

    Does anyone have any builds working really well for them?
  2. md_5

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    Its probably best to not look at your server so analytically:
    As you can see between 258 and 253, these were the changes (craftbukkit)
    Fix the previous fix for "infinite 'breeding' with MonsterEggs
    Call MapInitializeEvent on newly created maps. Fixes BUKKIT-2907

    Those are not going to impact performance..
  3. I just downgraded to #244
    I hope thats the build i was previously on.

    Also, i have a Xenforo community with 27k registered this year.
    The google "Captcha" don't work for bots at all these days.
    Use a question answer system.

    "What color is a creeper"

    Edit: Woah, was way wrong! #244 don't work at all.
    Updating to #253
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    I was thinking Are You A Human, or KeyCaptcha which is what andrewkm recommends.
  5. I was wrong again. Maybe the whole mess was from a Plugin update -.-
    md_5 did you introduce something that would cause no one to join because of "Too many Joins!"
  6. md_5

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    Nope, sounds like NoCheat+

    EDIT: Also adding AYAH
  7. Thats in NCP. In the config. Just CTRL+F Login and it will show u where u can disable it.
  8. I already had. It started bugging out with an update
  9. md_5

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    Not many plugins are worse on dev builds, but NC+ and MCMMO are.
  10. I meant a Spigot update, not a NCP one.
  11. md_5 which build is most stable right now?
    Getting bad performance on the one im on again. I can't find which i was on.
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  12. Well we do need a branch to test our bleeding stuff so DEV sounds good to me o_O.
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