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Build 607 map corruption?

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by DrDeft, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. This may not be map corruption. Did you run MC Region fixer on all worlds?
    Can you try to kill all living entities in the all worlds?
  2. Yes. I run MC Region fixer on all worlds and no errors were found.
    No. I can't kill all living entities. Players will be angry.
    Have you any more ideas? Today at night there was a new crash:
    This happens only on 1 my server.
  3. here's the 2nd crash in one day..

    I think there may be a client hack out that can crash a server.
  4. Seems to be fixed in Spigot build 617. No crashes on 9 servers yet.
    oops. crashed today =))
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  5. FYI this has nothing to do with world corruption and nothing is 'fixed' about it.

    this has to do with the portal changes in CB that happened a while back...

    its possible one of your plugins is implementing a custom travel agent but it is not setting exit world properly.

    id ask EdGruberman for assistance on this.
  6. Updated Essentials to Dev2.10.123 build. I'll inform if this was a trouble.
  7. interesting ... Whos EdGrub and where can I find them? :p
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  9. Kainzo, have you tried to update essentials to Dev2.10.123 build? I have no crashes for two days after updating.
  10. We have crashes again =((