Build a customized Spigot version

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by devcexx, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. I'm currently trying to make my little own changes to a Spigot version using BuildTools. But I'm not sure how to save my changes an recompile it again (BuildTools generates so many files xD).

    I was thinking about trying to move all the source code generated by BuildTools to a project in Eclipse, Netbeans or whatever Java IDE and then compile it again, but I don't know if it's possible.

    So, my question is, how can I move all this files to a project in any IDE? And, if it's possible, what script or what I have to do to recompile it again??
  2. Well, for developing it's probably better to do everything BuildTools does yourself:

    - Set up git and clone spigot from
    - Make changes
    - Set up maven to build your spigot version

    However, even if you change the files created by BuildTools maven should be the way to build the project.
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  3. The point is that I don't know much about using and configuring Maven. Could you explain briefly what I have to do?