Resource Build item simply.

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  1. Can be deleted? It's not "usefull" :)
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  2. It's a simply item builder x)
  3. explain it further, go into depth about it
  4. Is not finish! >.<
  5. okay :0
  6. I feel there is no need for this, there are plenty of these, and I think they're unnecessary in general.
  7. Eh, I wouldn't call them unnecessary. ItemStack item = new ItemBuilder(Material.DIAMOND).setName("kool diamond, m8").setLore("It's", "very", "cool").build(); Is a lot shorter than if you didn't use it. It's useful if you make lots of items.
  8. True, but still doesn't make the first point null, there are way too many of these, and we don't need more
  9. Oh yeah. With you on that :)
  10. What about an item builder builder?
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  11. That makes 5 within a two week period.
  12. If you're going to post a resource at least make sure it's useful...