Build Server Issue - Stained Glass Changing In Hotbar When Broken

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by 4thewar, May 21, 2015.

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    So basically from what the GIF above shows, when I place a colored stained glass block and break it, the block changes in my hotbar. This can get quite annoying as a builder since I often break and use these sort of blocks that are essential a build's over all color design. I'm only left to wonder what's causing this issue and how I may fix it. I did not experience this issue prior to updating the server specifically for 1.8 in order to use 1.8 building blocks, but that was when I ran on 1.7.10 spigot.jar.

    Server configurations are all right and I've went over them so many times to see if I may have done something wrong, but as far as I know they are all functioning correctly.

    I run on Spigot jar for 1.8.1 (or 1.8.3 not too sure as this was a server setup I purchased from and was organized by @GuyfromhellMC ). I don't think it's the server setup issue, but much rather an issue with one of the plugins (suspecting Essentials, but I can't properly test other version of essentials on other servers for some reason, mostly due to errors with EssentialsProtect).

    Here's a list of plugins I run on (there's nothing custom):

    If you can find a solution for me, that would be gladly appreciated. It's not a very serious issue, however it can be annoying to say the least. Hopefully, someone knows why it's doing this. ~Cheers​
  2. Try standard debugging method: disable plugins one by one and test.
  3. It may be the jar, when working with Ascend I had this issue and had to swap out jars to a newer one, if I included a faulty jar I apologize.
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  4. Ah alright. I'll look into swapping jars.
  5. Tried swapping jars and importing plugins one by one and still cant find the source of the issue. Strange. Still a few other things I might test, but im still hoping someone knows lol.
  6. Alright found out why there was this issue after so long....mostly due to being busy with other projects and just straight up procrastination.... but it was due to the fact that I had worldedit 6.x and world edit 5.x in the same plugin folder. Which I don't know why it has any effect at all, but it fixed it after I removed world edit 6.x. I prefer world edit 5.x due to the fact that //mask allows for specific replacement like //mask >grass 0 and the fact that there's //paste -s which re-selects the area pasted. Hopefully no one else makes this simple mistake like i did in the future. :)
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  7. Correction to previous discovery, the issue was not in the worldedit as I had originally thought. It was an issue of outdated world guard config / folders with new world guard 6.0+ . New worldguard plugins require a totally new config. Hope this helps those who have this issue in the future.