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Which one do you prefer?

  1. First (less detailed, quiet, easy on the eye)

    6 vote(s)
  2. Second (super detailed, more realistic)

    27 vote(s)
  1. So.

    I had someone offering me to do the interior of some houses for me. He built something but I wasn't a great fan of it. I then decided to do the interior of the house myself and show him that I prefer something like I just did. Now, there is a small discussion about what the average player would really want, either his style or mine.

    Please leave your votes on which of the styles you prefer.

    The less detailed & more "quiet", easy on the eye interior:
    ( )

    Or the super detailed, realistic version:
    ( )

    For the sake of getting a fair vote, I will remain silent on which one of these I built myself and which ones I prefer. Please leave your votes on which one you prefer as a player (keep in mind: for an MMORPG server).

    Note that these are the exact same two houses with the (almost) the same screenshot position.

  2. I like both but probably gonna choose the second one.
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  3. ItsI better to do things now, than later having it to do all over again
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  4. Benz56

    Junior Mod Supporter

    I think that Minecraft builds is and should be focused around skill and show the effort that has been put into it. Simplistic builds reflects low effort as the vast majority can reproduce it with ease.

    I’ll take detailed over simple any day when it comes to Minecraft.
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  5. A mix of both honestly.
    Detail when you need it, simple when you dont. Both look good in their own ways.
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  6. Phoenix616

    Resource Staff

    Wow, so I'm the only one definitely voting for the first, quiet one? ;_; Must be because I started playing Minecraft when we only had like 20 blocks or something and could only build stuff with little detail. :unsure:
  7. No you are not alone I am that second vote! Personally I do not think adding block variations adds details. To me details are adding shutters around windows, adding pillars, edging, awning's, unique 2 step roofing, walkways, all that to me is detail. Things that take a square house and make it into and actual looking house with overhang's etc.

    Idk why but to me when you add block variations, it just looks sloppy and not clean, a lot of people prefer the variation look but to my eyes, it doesn't do a build justice. I like clean smooth looking builds that have detail in their features, not in their block variations. I come from CMP so maybe you are onto something about why we like the first instead ahaha!

    P.S also im making a guess and saying the second build is the OPs. I am GUESSING this because of they way he talks about the two. The second one is talked with what seems to be more favor than the first hehehe

    Just a guess in which I am probably wrong ;)
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  8. The first one looks like a cave rather than a house imo xD
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  9. I think both those interior builds were really nice, definitely go with more detail over anything but good job either way haha.

    It depends on the build or what You need it for, like if it a “spawn” house that is only seen from the outside then make it pretty on the outside and some interior, that’s usually how I do things
  10. Neither one since Dyescape's main builds are still decorated better than either of these two :devilish:
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  11. MiniDigger


    I voted two since it doesn't look so empty (and because you clearly didn't build it :p), but realistically speaking it doesn't really matter since no player will be able to see those build for at least another 3 years (the current estimated release date for delayscape) :D
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  12. I actually prefer a combination of both images, the floor of the first image looks good, a simple floor that people won't be paying a massive amount of attention to - but detailed walls and such. I like that there are a few things going on - but I don't like how everything is happening at once in the second image.
  13. I really like the second one, seems more welcoming compared to the first.

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