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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Cowboysjoe, Jun 7, 2016.

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  1. I have a quick question, what do you do if an asshole doesn't pay what is agreed for a specific build project and takes the work and runs? Is this illegal or is there anything we can do in the future to prevent it?

    -1 to v_M_v, do not trust him. He will wait until you do what he wants then he will complain about it and ban you.
  2. Sign a contract / nda and take legal issues. Ask your parents about it.
  3. will do thx
  4. Seriously, stop causing more drama. If you guys would like to know what has really happened take a look at his thread -

    TL;DR: He's causing a big fuss about me "Scamming" him for not buying his terrible, unprofessional, unfinished builds that I pulled out of before it was too late.

    Edit: You should have made me pay before starting, I would have been fine with that, however i'm glad I didn't after seeing your builds
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  5. Where's the proof that the work was poor?
    Can you send a picture of what was built?
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  6. I don't actually have the builds anymore as he asked me to remove them. I did video me removing the builds let me just upload it.
  7. what was built was not nearly finished. This was the first day on the job and more then 4-5 hours was already put into the work.
  8. Perhaps a way to solve this would have been to use a schematic?

    Edit: I know this isn't helpful to this situation but could advise people for the future
  9. I would have built it on my own server but I use mcpro and saving the schematic/world is a lot of trouble.
    I offered using my own but we both agreed that working on his would be better.
  10. F.Y.I - You could use WorldEdit to select the region and then done //schem save and taken it out the schematics folder but oh well.
  11. What did you request?
    Also, I wouldn't expect that from 4-5 hours of a professional build team....
  12. If the user signs a contract, it is legally bindable (depending on your age, of course.). If that user does not agree to what is stated, you are able to sue him.
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  13. I never signed anything, so I don't know why he's trying to take "legal" actions
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  14. He can't really do much, now can he?
  15. If he was, he's completely contradicted his terms
    Edit: Just grabbing the proof
  16. Is there T&C's, sorry if its already pointed out i kinda scanned through it.
  17. There's a Refund Policy, but I don't think that applies as I never paid anything :p
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