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Should I Create Or Join A Build Team

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  1. Hello I Am Thinking About Joining A Build Team! I Just Can't Even Find Any People To Hire For My Build Team or join instead!

    My Latest Build:
    Some More Images:
    2015-06-06_09.40.51.png 2015-06-06_09.41.12.png 2015-06-06_09.41.20.png

    Anyone Recommend A Build Team For Me To Create Or Join? Let Me Know!
  2. Ferx


    This isn't exactly Server & Community management but eh take a look around on un-named Minecraft trading sites & the offering builders section to see if there's a team that catches your eye.

    I think it'd be a good idea for you to join a team and learn off others to improve your craft ;p. I personally don't think you should make your own.

    Good luck mate!