Builders needed for MagicParks

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  1. We need builders to help us recreate the real life theme park Disneyland Paris on our server MagicParks.

    IP Address will be released to you if you have been accepted.

    Reply to us if you are interested by typing in your answers.

    Q1: What is your Minecraft Username?

    Q2: Why are you applying?

    Q3: What makes you different from anyone else?

    Q4: Do you have any knowledge of Google Earth?

    Q5: are you an experienced builder?

    Q6: Have you built projects similar to this before?

    Q7: How can we contact you?

    Q8: When are you available?

    Q9: Are you willing to dedicate yourself into the Project?

    Please reply to us with your answers on the Forum
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  2. Go to Planet Minecraft to hire builders or the hiring section on here.
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  3. Holy crap! FBI please
  4. Q10: How much are you paying