building a spigot need some help on spawn issue

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  1. hi guys im building a spigot server but every time i set my spawn but when i do a server restart the spawn is gone but it stays in the essentials folder im trying to find a setting cant find anny i tryed false in the files upgrades-done.yml on the line updateSpawnsToNewSpawnsConfig: true i changed it to false but some how after a reboot this is gooing to true again

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  2. Your logs contain problems
    1. You don't just delete any world you want. You have to "tell" the plugin managing it first (in your case, you have a plugin managing it)

    2. Delete something in your plugins folder named "Group Manager(1)", there's already another later version there.

    1. Multiverse-Core is currently managing your worlds. And it couldn't control the world's named "IridiumSkyblock" and "IridiumSkyblock_nether". And Multiverse doesn't detect IridiumSkyblock in there. So it basically means those two worlds are useless.
    Delete them by running /mv remove IridiumSkyblock and /mv remove IridiumSkyblock_nether separately. After running the commands. You may delete the worlds from your server (Delete from the file manager). Run /mv remove worldtest too. As that world is still inside Multiverse config but was moved/deleted.
    After you did this, send me another log and I'll take look at your spawn issue.

    I also really suggest you reset your main world. It's generator settings are invalid according to your logs. Did you do anything to it? (edit the file etc.)
  3. I need a void world for spawn so i tiped void on generation settings
    Group generation (1) whas called like this coz of my download folder hehe one is only present
    Itidium is from a plugin that gendrated it
  4. new log with the plugins

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  5. hmm its weard to see it working right now i need to do /setspawn than turn server off remove the spawn file in essentials and boot up the server /spawn command works lol