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  1. Hello :)
    I'm currently looking to purchase or build a dedicated sever for a relatively large community (500+) if the server expands. However I'm very much a novice when it comes to server knowledge and the terminology. I was considering purchasing a Dell Poweredge R210 ii of Dell with a E3 1230 v2 cpu and 8gbs of Ram. which would cost me around £500 (without an OS or storage). My over all budget is £700 and i'm considering collocating it for a minimum of £70 mo/ max. I need to keep in mind that the more amps my server is using, the more it will cost to collocate. I would consider building my own, but I have no idea where to start, what chassis I need, what motherboard, if the mother board allows so much ram etc etc but I have built pc's in the past. If anyone knows of a book or a tutorial I would really appreciate it.

    I have a few questions, any answers are greatly appreciated :)
    • Is buying the r210 ii a wise move? Would the 8gbs and 1230v2 cater for 500 users and 20+ plugins?
    • What OS do you recommend? I have the possibility of using windows server 2008, however it would cost an extra £500. I've heard promising things about Ubuntu and Linux for Minecraft
    • Will I need a networking / iDrac card or a GPU?
    Many thanks :D
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    It would *certainly* not get 500 users on a single server - that is practically impossible for Minecraft, if you ran multiple servers on that machine, with 175 or so each you could get close to 500. You probably want to invest in an E3-1270V2 CPU, and 32GB of ram, so you can run multiple servers with lots of power.

    Debian 7 is the ideal server operating system. Your motherboard should included the GPU + networking.
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  3. Thanks for the Reply

    I have seen servers with around 3k users online and in the main lobby they wold have a ton of people, and many in different game modes, either via other servers or multiverse if that's possible. What cpu's would you think a server like Minecade or Hypixels server have? I presume an E5 and a ton of ram. I was considering having bungeecord set up with various game modes connected to multiverse which would explain the large number of people online.
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    They have many servers - not sure on the exact numbers but Hypixel is around 27 and last I heard the *whole* of Minecade was 60 - but that includes servers not reachable via their Bungee.
  5. By 27 servers, you mean 27 separate minecraft servers running on the one main dedicated server ?
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    I mean 27 dedicated servers with multiple Minecraft instances - I'll check with Hypixel's developer when he wakes up to get the exact count.
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  7. Damn 27 dedicated servers? Must cost a fortune to buy and maintain :eek:

  8. They make more then enough to maintain it. Don't worry young grasshopper.
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  9. Ash


    How many servers for mcpvp/shotbow -.-

  10. aha, yes i'm sure they make more than enough to maintain it all :D
  11. They are also sponsored by server hosts.

  12. I know that Hypixel's is with MCProhosting, but the amount of cash they acquire via affiliate is probably very small

  13. Any update on the amount of servers? :D
  14. I have around 2,300 players at peak times, and have around 7 dedicated servers.

    If i were you I would wait till I have more money, then purchase high quality machines, and for now rent from a place like

    with 500+ players you should be able to make plenty of money to be able to purchase much better machines after a few months. Its also nice to know what type of machines to get.

    A bunch of E3-1230's or a few Dual E5-2620's.

    Im guessing hypixels server runs on servers like E3-1230's, so he needs lots of them, compared to me running 2 Dual E5-2620's, and a few E3-1270v2's.
  15. Thanks for the reply :)

    How many separate servers for mini games do you think I could run of 8gbs of ram and a E3-1230 v2? Im not sure if it is worth buying a E3 machine or saving up for a E5 for more peformance.

    Edit: Also, do you mind If I ask what OS you use for your servers? and what bandwidth is needed? I was told that if I was considering collocating, unlimited bandwidth is a must
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  16. I would go with 16gb or 32gb ram servers. and with 500 i would have maybe 2 E3-1230v2's, if you have around 10 servers. I use CentOS, and I use securedservers backend network to link all my servers together, so only my proxy server uses bandwidth, and last time i checked the bandwidth counter is broken

    No. You don't need unlimited bandwidth. I would start off with maybe 10tb and check every few days make sure you aren't getting close to it, if you do its easy to upgrade, at securedservers just send in a ticket, saying "Could I upgrade my server to 20tb bandwidth."

    At securedservers you can upgrade any time, and its $1/tb

  17. Ah ok, do you use a certain control panel as well or do you have something like TCAdmin? and do you think I would need MySQL or KVM Over IP?
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  18. i don't use any control panel.
  19. Why KVM over IP? You could just SSH (using Linux).
  20. I'm not too great with Linux, I'm just a little confused what I would need if I were to purchase a machine