Spigot BuildPortals 1.21.69

Player-buildable multi-world teleportation portals. NO commands necessary.

  1. Yep. That's probably my next update.
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  2. Hey, this is a fantastic plugin, one feature I would like to see is customizing the portal material. That way you can hide portals within the environment instead of having to use the same material as all other portals.
  3. This is an amazing plugin for its size, and is perfect for what i needed, but I do have one issue: whenever I reload OR restart the server, the portals deactivate and the plugin needs to be reactivated. I don't have to re-link the portals, just place the activator blocks in them. This is a pain to deal with. Any way that bug can be fixed?
    Console message:
    20:03:14 [Server] INFO [BuildPortals] Enabling BuildPortals v1.18.18 23.11
    20:03:14 [Server] INFO [BuildPortals] Loading configuration for portal number: 1 23.11
    20:03:14 [Server] INFO [BuildPortals] Loading configuration for portal number: 2 23.11
    20:03:14 [Server] INFO [BuildPortals] Loading configuration for portal number: 3 23.11
    20:03:14 [Server] WARN [BuildPortals] Failed to locate world: Hub skipping portal number 3 23.11
    20:03:14 [Server] INFO [BuildPortals] Loading configuration for portal number: 4 23.11
    20:03:14 [Server] WARN [BuildPortals] Failed to locate world: jail skipping portal number 4 23.11
    20:03:14 [Server] INFO [BuildPortals] Loading configuration for portal number: 5 23.11
    20:03:14 [Server] WARN [BuildPortals] Failed to locate world: Hub skipping portal number 5
    Solution: make the plugin load once all the worlds have been loaded, if possible.
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  4. Causes a repeated crash on startup (1.14)
  5. Working on an update for 1.14. Hope to get it out soon!
  6. Running into some server performance problems that will need a deeper dive for this update. Still working on it!
  7. A simple suggestion: ability to set multiple portal frame materials, rather than just multiple activator blocks.
  8. Great plugin! It's just what I wanted.

    I have a few feature requests, though :)

    Would it be possible to fill the contents with a nether-portal like effect (or even water)?
    The teleportation works great, but it looks like it doesn't do much.

    Could a default limit of 1 portal per chunk be added, with permissions?
    I don't want players to start putting portals too close together.

    Could a minimum & maximum distance be added?
    Players should not be able to create a portal 10.000 blocks away.

    And maybe even improving on the distance idea:
    Adding maximum distance per activator.
    Like I could configure redstone to allow someone to teleport 100 blocks away and configure gold to 1000 blocks.
    If they use 2 gold blocks the portal has a range of 2000 blocks, if they use 2 redstone blocks it's 200 blocks.

  9. Don't know how PsyberTech got their portals to have those images inside but that is a fantastic looking way of doing portals.

    But yeah, like skerit suggested, it'd be brilliant if they had some sort of content inside instead of just a empty space. Especially if we could select the content style, like how you can change the blocks.
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  10. Suggestion: if there is a way for you to make the plugin load after plugins like MultiverseReloaded and PlotSquared, or once the server sees that ALL of the server worlds are ready to have players, that would be wonderful. Or better yet, have a command to reload the config, as there is a slight problem:

    When the server loads the plugin BuildPortals, the plugin usually loads before the rest of the worlds have loaded. If a player, such as myself, has a portal in one world leading to a different world, if either of those two worlds aren't loaded when the plugin activates, the plugin will not load those portals, forcing an admin (or OP) to place the activator blocks inside the portals to reactivate them (they don't have to rebuild the portal, as it's still in the config). If there was a command to reload the config, then I can just run a command block clock that will reload the plugin once the world loads.
  11. SOLVED: Switched To Multiverse After Reading Bugfixes And It Worked

    Hey, I was having trouble linking my Hub world to my Survival World, it initially does it fine but after server restart it says it cant find World: Hub and then doesn't load the portal. I think its because the plugin is loaded before the Hub world is loaded. Any way to fix this?

    I'm using the plugin https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/myworlds.39594/ for my worlds.
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  12. Great idea and plugin!

    Is there any way to remove a portal? I see they're in the config.yml so i think manually removing them from there would work. It would be great if removing one of the bottom blocks deactivated the portal, or filling it up with other blocks, or something. Maybe a command with permissions too, useable by the user that activated the portal... Also is there a way to tell what materials you can use as PortalMaterial? I tried to make polished diorite a material but couldn't figure out how. I found a site listing material names and it looked like that was the same as a lot of other stone. I tried stone_brick but that didn't work. I finally found nether_brick worked. Is there any performance issue if I used something like that?
  13. The blocks you want to use can be set in the configuration. PErformance-wise, it doesn't matter what block you use.
    Also, when you break one of the blocks of the portal, the portal is deactivated. It even has a little explosion animation.
  14. I still think a plugin reload command will be beneficial, as I still have issues with my worlds loading, but the plugin still doesn't find the portals.

    Unless someone here knows a way I can force the plugin to reload itself (without reloading server) or check if a portal is unlinked, PLEASE message me (and/or reply to me here).

    Using latest version of plugin: 1.19.67
    NOT using latest version of Paper/Spigot (not until 1.15, for certain reasons): git-Paper-134 (MC: 1.14.3)
    MC Version: 1.14.3
    World Management: MultiverseReloaded v1.2

    Yes, I am using Skript, and know there are addons that detect when certain events are called, but cannot find a way to force an event to be called.
  15. Seems to work fine with MC 1.15.2 and Paper 79. Just sent you a little donation. ^_^
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  16. How is exit direction for portal 'B' determined? The direction in which the player is facing when they are ported to the second portal.

    Regardless, thanks for the simple straightforward plugin.