Spigot BuildPortals 1.21.69

Player-buildable multi-world teleportation portals. NO commands necessary.

  1. The default exit direction for any portal is always either North or West, except that you can force the exit direction to change by blocking one of the openings of the portal with opaque material. If you do that, a player will always exit the portal facing the more open side of the portal.
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  3. Is there a list of accepted block materials? I tried setting QUARTZ_BLOCK, but the plugin says "Could not read configured portal material! Aborting portal update."
  4. Done! Apologies for the delay.
  5. Any plan on adding water as the 'portal' you go through (with effects) instead of just air blocks? Also is it possible to limit the number of portals a player can create, such as permission like: buildportals.activate.2 or buildportals.activate.3 ?
  6. Can Lodestone be added as a material? doesn't seem to recognise it.
  7. Hey, I tried to make the frame out of ancient debris, but it said that the name was invalid. I've tried so many times, and know I'm spelling it right. Any idea?