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  1. As i know ( i may be wrong ), you can create a spigot jar with buildtools, but whats the point of buildtools if you can download a fresh spigot jar from sites like REMOVED or any other site that features newest spigot jars for download.
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  2. But here comes another question. Why dont they just post the jar file for people to download ?
  3. Because of the DMCA.
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    Granted spigot could implement the system better to seem as if you were simply downloading a JAR but the DMCA that Bukkit received prevents distribution of compiled source.
  5. Ill just pretend like ik whats that, and think that the answer is - they just cant.
  6. Well, the DMCA stands for the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, an act that simply protects copyright holders from copyright infringement, which is illegal stuff and can be punishable by US law.
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    Back in the early days of Bukkit it actually contained Mojang's server code when distributed. This is against Mojang's Terms of Service and is illegal to do. You cannot distribute the Minecraft server jar. BuildTools is a means of circumventing that by having Spigot be a patch-based system to decompile the server code, map it, patch it and recompile it all on your own computer. Spigot is therefore not distributing the code if the entire compilation process has been done on your computer at your own will. Any website you see online distributing the server jar (modded or not) is illegal and breaks Mojang's ToS.

    The Bukkit DMCA has little to do with Spigot's current distribution system, BuildTools. That was in regards to code written by Wesley Wolfe after he was furious about discovering that Bukkit was owned by Mojang and that they were not getting paid. If I'm not mistaken, code contributed by Wesley Wolfe was rewritten. (Don't quote me on that). It's not a matter of the DMCA, but more so the distribution of Mojang's server code. I'm surprised Mojang doesn't make it easier for mod developers to distribute it, or at least give us an exception, but eh...
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    They're slowly just ripping off modders, and hiring community modders to add content to the game at their whim. Really to spite us all. They will not give any advancement to the game a second look if it wasn't posted on Minecraft Forums for their revenue systems and to be under their ToS and User Agreement.

    I haven't logged in, or even looked in years but I was told they even have a clause similar to Facebook's where everything you post is technically owned by them and you relinquish "most" rights. I wonder if this specific clause is why some people are claiming Mojang is ripping off it's community.