BuildTools Install Error ?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by ShaderGamingYT, May 1, 2015.

  1. Im seeming to be having a few problems:

    Server Specs:
    Ubuntu 14.04
    1GB Ram
    Java installed - Php5 Installed

    I was going to run this as a survival world for my youtube channel to just run for me , but sems it wont instal
  2. Change your heap size, using the -Xmx<size> parameter.
  3. by running java -jar -Xmx 1024 BuildTools.jar ?
  4. Might want to try a lower number like 128M, and go up from there. Are you running this on your server? May want to build it on your local machine then upload it to the server, so that memory is not an issue.
  5. Im building it on my server. Like I said its only for me and maybe two or three friends to play on for Recording purposes.
  6. Did you try running BuildTools with different values for the heap size? Same error? Again, build it on your local machine and then upload it to the server, that should work.
  7. Post the command you're using to run BuildTools.jar.

    Like Minecraft124 said, use around 128mb.

    But your server should be able to run the command on default. Should contact your provider to see what's wrong.

    Also, use free -m, and tell us what you see.
  8. BuildTools needs 2GB RAM minimum I believe.
  9. Hmm never used Ubuntu build tools so does it need GIT Bash? I know windows requires GIT Bash then I just upload to the directory I need the jar in.
  10. Yes it needs Git regardless of OS, it's pretty easy to install and I believe it even comes pre-installed with some distributions. (This doesn't appear to be the problem however).