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  1. I've seen some YouTube videos on bukkit and spigot servers, and they all start out with downloading and extracting spigot and craftbukkit jars. When I create servers, I usually go to the official craftbukkit or spigot download page. What is the difference between BuildTools and regular jar download? (Plus you need git if you don't have it)
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    BuildTools makes a regular jar.
    We can't give out the regular jar because of the Mojang EULA

    E: Git is not required on Windows, only Mac & Linux
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    There is no official craftbukkit/spigot download page besides BuildTools...all others are 100% unofficial
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  4. buildtools gives you the ability to compile the jars on your computer making them completely dodge copyright

    but if thats too complex just download the jars and it'll work the same

    I don't actualyl understand it im just quoting someone, but im pretty sure it's like
    "player 1 copystrikes player 2 for using his code"
    "player 2 uses buildtools to compile plugin on his computer and dodges player 1's attack"
    "player 1 can not damage player 2"
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    BuildTools also gives you the spigot, bukkit and NMS source code without having to decompile the jar!
  6. simply amazing!
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    indeed!, this goes for all supported versions as well
  8. Thanks everyone! This is some great insight. I'll be sure to try out BuildTools!