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  1. Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but, I was bored over the last couple days, and excited for the upcoming 1.13 server builds. In an effort to make things easier to update and maintain (at least for me), I made a simple GUI application to run the commands for me.

    Here's a sample screenshot if anyone wants to take a look.

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  2. Good job! It's cool, but it's not 100% rocket science to get the Jar if you know the simple command line stuff :p

    Not bagging what you have done, it's cool! :)
  3. Oh, I know it's simple to run the command, especially these days with built in GIT. But, I like to exercise some minor coding skills I picked up years ago by working on small little projects such as this. Helps keep me sharp, and I figured some people who struggle with CLI may get some use out of this.
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    Pretty much, plus theres already things that are MUCH better than this, though it is nice
  5. It never occurred to me to search for a tool first, I just jumped right into building a batch script to do this for me, and though I could do a better job in .net.

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  6. Interesting...
    Typing all those console commands can be annoying after some time. But please add a checkbox for the parameter "--generate-docs".
    Also haven't there been more hidden parameters? There is something like generate-sources or something in my mind...
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    source code already auto-generates
  8. I wrote a bash file because we have a network and dont' need to check with spigot hub 50+ times a day or compile the same build 50+ times.

    So we find solutions for what we need, but at the end of the day: it really is just a single line of text that's not too hard to understand :D

    Nice job on the gui! I am sure it helps a lot of people who don't want to learn what the cli version of it means.