BuildTools.jar What is wrong?

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  1. I downloaded everything like in the Tutorial! I started with Git Bash and then the Error came! i thought i delete all files and try again!

    So now i got this error:
  2. are you using linux for compile?
  3. windows! and execute with gitbash!
  4. try to use chmod -R 777 *
  5. i download it again and try if the error is there anyway or not!
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  6. For some reasons i cant do that on an windows pc so i do that on an linux vm (virtual machine)
  7. Latest BuildTools, fresh install folder, java installed, gitbash and all?
    If yes to all.. no idea.
    If no to any, INSTALL IT.

    EDIT: I see its trying to grab a file that doesnt exist because you deleted it.
    Remove buildtools remove everything.
    Then download buildtools and run it via gitbash.
  8. yeah unfortunatly i have no linux system!

    Yes i istalled everything again and now i wait for doenload the apache-maven zip! i tell you if there is an new error!

    So here is the new error! error1.png
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  9. Pls use the reply button on our posts

    But however you can make an virtual pc with linux by VMware workstation or VMware player
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    its cygwin ? i dont think it can be run under cygwin.
  11. what is cygwin?
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