Buildtools no longer creating CraftBukkit jar?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by CyberDrain, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Today we wanted to update our server, but for some reason we are no longer able to compile the CraftBukkit.jar through the latest version of Buildtools. Has the location of the jar changed or has it been intentionally removed?

    The Buildtools page still says that it also compiles the CraftBukkit.jar for 1.15.1, so if it was intentional than this page has not been updated yet.
  2. MiniDigger


    intentionally removed.
    why would you want it?
    see the latest release post for info.
  3. Would you mind sharing where I can find this post?

    As of why I prefer CraftBukkit. Cause I want a more vanilla gameplay experience, instead of the performance gain from Spigot which therefor prevent certain redstone builds from working.
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  4. I know this thread is old but I just want to add that using CraftBukkit is important when reporting bugs on the Spigot JIRA, because this thread dictates that you MUST check whether a bug reported to Spigot also happens when using CraftBukkit: