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  1. keep up the great work
  2. Thanks for the tools, have a good day all! :)
  3. windows
  4. Oh sorry, I thought you meant for Linux. Well all I can say then is to be sure you're following the instructions here.
  5. i am and its not working
  6. Thanks for the detailed setup guide on top of the release information.
  7. Thank you for the guide! It helps a lot of people
  8. Long live Spigot :D Hopefully all the nonsense won't happen again
  9. Great guide o.o
  10. Yes xD ! Tnks for commenting !
  11. ty so much!!!! great work
  12. Perfeito, vida longa ao Spigot!!!!!!! Parabéns, rápido fácil e sem complicações!!!! Very Good!!!!!!
  13. Thanks for the update! Like the new command line since it is shorter than it was previously. Thank you for putting all of this together.
  14. How do I start the server after I got the files
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Thread Status:
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