BuildTools won't continue building.

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by w0lfman77, May 19, 2017.

  1. Trying to build BuildTools.jar (#60) , but it halts at this point :

    Attempting to build Minecraft with details: VersionInfo(minecraftVersion=1.12-pre5,, classMappings=bukkit-1.12-pre5-cl.csrg, memberMappings=bukkit-1.12-pre5-members.csrg, packageMappings=package.srg, minecraftHash=79e118b7f48ae6a573ebfd9b8d011816, decompileCommand=java -jar BuildData/bin/fernflower.jar -dgs=1 -hdc=0 -asc=1 -udv=0 {0} {1}, serverUrl=
    Found good Minecraft hash (79e118b7f48ae6a573ebfd9b8d011816)
    Found good Minecraft hash (79e118b7f48ae6a573ebfd9b8d011816)
    Final mapped jar: work/mapped.5d88e25a.jar does not exist, creating!

    Anyone else having problems ?
    Didn't have any problems two days ago.. also with #60.
  2. Fixed itself a day later... , so.. nvm.