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  1. why build tools is taking alot of time and is taking 80% from cpu power on my laptop?

    and why does it compile craftbukkit and no one would use it?
  2. Well, it takes a lot of time because it has to download every file and patch to create the jars. If it takes 80% CPU for you, then you mustn't have the best of processors, which you might want to limit usage when you run BuildTools.jar. Also, some people (like me, sometimes) do use craftbukkit, and since it is apart of the build, it still creates it.
  3. yeah i have core i5 second generation from 2011 0_0 and whats difference between spigot and craftbukkit that buildtools make?
  4. CraftBukkit is basically vanilla Minecraft with the plugin interface. Spigot makes additional optimizations useful to larger servers, but also makes some subtle changes to the game mechanics.
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