Built an End Portal & Now I Can't Locate It

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  1. I built an end portal just testing something out on my server and when I jumped in, my friend tpd me to him as soon as I got into the end. I couldn't use /back to get back to the portal and now there is a random end portal in the middle of a plains biome somewhere. I really do not want players using this if they find it. Is there any way to find it?
  2. Do you have a grief protection plugin? You could "rollback" your server to the point of which you built it and then it will be deleted.. Other then that there is no other way to find it. Sorry.
  3. There is a Python program called Minecraft Overviewer which produces a Google Maps type view of your world. If you run that, you could then scan your world relatively quickly. The program will show you the approximate coordinates so you could then go there and delete the portal.

    See http://docs.overviewer.org/en/latest/
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  4. If you don't want them using it disable entry through portals or disable the world completely