Bukkit 1.11 API *Draft*

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Nov 14, 2016.

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  1. will fallingsand be gone ?? or is this just a part that will be removed
  2. Sent a PR instead ;)
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  3. You have to download the source and compile it with Maven. Keep in mind, this is just Bukkit (the API) not Craftbukkit or Spigot (the server).
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  4. MiniDigger


    read the depreciation note: it was replaced by falling block ages ago
  5. Thanks md_5.

  6. Thanks for all the hard work :)
  7. I dont understand what to do to get the SpigotAPI?

    I have tried to clone https://hub.spigotmc.org/stash/scm/spigot/spigot.git

    But mvn fails when I run it??? It cant find Child Module : Spigot-Server and SpigotAPI ?

    I need some help to get the API so I can start updating my plugin MobHunting.
  8. You cant yet. Just look at the draft and see what you will need to change
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  9. MiniDigger


    not entirely true, you could check it out into your workspace and switch to the 1.11 branch and build it. (the bukkit project NOT the spigot project)
  10. Great work!

    But anyone know why tf Bukkits still on Java 6?? I'm sure there's probably a reasonable explanation for it but I don't currently understand why its two java versions behind
  11. Thanks Spigot Team. You are the best :D
  12. MiniDigger


    because vanilla is still on 6. when vanilla updates, craftbukkit and spigot will too.
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  13. Ahhh alright, never cared to look at what java version vanilla uses lol
  14. MiniDigger


    fyi, I just compiled a version of the bukkit api: http://files.minidigger.me/bukkit-1.11-R0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    note: this is not a offical build and I will be not responsible for any harm that file may cause. use it you own risk.
  15. Thank you! I will try your version until I can get the official one. And dont worry i will create a 1.11 branch so i dont break my working 1.10.2 master version.
  16. Vanilla ships with a 1.8u25 JRE in the installer.
  17. The JRE is only downloaded when you don't have one, so this isn't always the case (if you have java 6 already installed).
  18. MiniDigger


    vanilla is still compiled against java 7 (it was java 6 till aikar added a patch to vanilla that forced them to use java 7 iirc). they display a warning in 1.11 tho and most likely will remove 7 support in 1.12
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  19. Can't wait to test the spigotserver 1.11 features! :D
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