Bukkit API vs Spigot API

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  1. Hello,

    What is the difference between the bukkit API and the spigot API

  2. YoFuzzy3


    Spigot's API is exactly the same as Bukkit's I believe, except maybe for the PlayerItemDamageEvent. Remember, Spigot is a fork of CraftBukkit/Bukkit.
  3. I believe there are a few APIs, and from the very little I looked into making plugins, you *should* build against the Bukkit API to allow compatibility with forks of Bukkit. If you build against the CraftBukkit API you are likely to break things in the forks/not work because the API isn't present or something /NotSure

    To allow plugin compatibility I would expect the Bukkit API to be present fully(?) within Spigot.

    Now, hopefully someone with some actual knowledge can come along and disagree with everything I just said and give a proper answer.
  4. The Spigot API is still underway, if you need any API's just contact md_5, make a pull request, open an issue, anything of that nature, and he will put in whatever he can.
  5. joehot200


    *As far as i know*, spigot API has no differences to the bukkit API, just a few extras.

    I believe there is API that gets the the TPS (Something like bukkit.getTPS, but cant remember), and maybe a few other additions bukkit does not have, however if you make a plugin with bukkit, 99% of the time (depending on what methods you are using etc) it will work with spigot.
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