Bukkit & Bungee Plugin Messaging Channel

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  1. Can I just send only one message and make its own on the BungeeCord something with it?
  2. Hmmm..... okay
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    @brajo @md_5 Would you in the future be able to add a method for sending an Alert message to BungeeCord via the messaging channel? Would come very handy.
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  4. Very nice ! +1
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  5. So how would I get the amount of players on all servers? I have tried so many times, it never works, only displays the playercount as 0 when I join. Could you should me how you do it?
  6. Is there any way to ask for whether the proxy is in online mode?

    I mean, I could query for Notch's UUID, and see if it's the known one, but that just seems a bit... unsafe, to say the least.
  7. How can I get a player to send a message to another player on another server?
  8. My approach (granted I don't use the plugin messaging channel for leisure often) would be to create a plugin for both servers that listens for your custom message channel on Spigot and sends messages to the corresponding player by name, if found. You'll probably have console execute a command to make the "send message" appear, so put that in the plugin as well (have it do the null checks, and I suppose if you get a null/offline target player, write a plugin message back saying the user's offline). The initial message you send will probably be the command to execute, forwarded to all servers.
  9. Why not just use the message channel? Also, if you need to confirm that the player is actually online, you could use the player list channel. No need for a custom one.

    Although, I'd personally create a Bungee plugin for this, as it would be way easier.
  10. Didn't see this. Again, I don't use it for leisure.
    @AdrianSR Do what this gentleman says.
  11. Hi, I tried using this for my plugin, but nothing happened, is this feature still in use?