Bukkit, CraftBukkit & Spigot 1.8.3

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Thinkofdeath, Mar 7, 2015.

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  1. md_5

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  2. I don't see any jar files in the same folder as my BuildTools.jar
  3. You might want to update your buildtools here

    Looks like this on my end [​IMG]
  4. I ended up just running the Beta BuildTools and that worked.
  5. Okay, glad you got it to work :)
  6. If I find a bug, where do I go to report it?
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  7. Thanks for helping me mate, I really appreciate it!
  8. I cant find the console for the server.
  9. Can you please add a config option to disable (or limit to creative only) modefining spawners with spawn egg. Its a real problem on some servers.
  10. That is an easy task for a plugin, no need to add it to the server config.
  11. I know but then the plugin has to be compatible with other plugins and with newer versions of minecraft and spigot. its just a annoying step to take.
  12. ok whats the folder named
  13. Thank you for providing this update, it works well.
  14. Thank you so much Spigot! I had a bit of errors along the way but eventually everything fixed itself/recompiled and now I have the newest build! Keep up the amazing work!

    Join my multi-gamemode 1.8.3 Spigot server through nuggetnet.ggserv.co:25797
    Website: nuggetnet.enjin.com
  15. Icee spam much?

    I did some testing of 1.8.3 and so far so good... except that most of plugins are still not updated... stuff like WE, WG, NCP is ok and Ess work fine afaik but that's about it... :(

    Edit: Ill take that back... just saw "Added Bukkit adapter for 1.8.3. (604b1d by wizjany) 5 days ago " I hope they'll get it to stable/semistable anytime now... anyone tested that yet?
  16. Thanks Spigot Team
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