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  1. AngelRani


    For some reason it takes 45 minutes to update on my new computer, but goes faster on my old one? My new computer has better specs, but it is slower to update? Can someone explain this please? I really don't want to wait 45 minutes to get an updated version of Spigot. Before you ask, yes all my stuff is updated on my new computer. My old computer has outdated stuff. BTW, I run Windows.
  2. What do you mean by "update?" Run BuildTools and get/build the latest version?

    Are both the "new" and "old" machines running Windows?
  3. AngelRani


    When I say update, I mean I am trying to get the latest Spigot build. It takes longer on my new computer to obtain the latest build through BuildTools.
    Both computers run Windows.
  4. Thanks youss guys love the update :D
  5. yes it works perfectly
  6. ssamjh


    You need to explain more if you want people to help you
  7. I am assuming that both computers are running the latest flavor/version of Java and that they both have the same bandwidth to the internet. Also, both have the network card configured properly.

    Please tell me;
    0.) the difference in specs of the "old" and "new" computer.
    1.) the difference in build time between the "old" and "new" computer.
  8. AngelRani


    New Computer:
    Windows 8.1
    64-bit system
    8GB of RAM
    Hard Drive Space (Don't know if this info is needed): 1TB
    Download Speed: 35.20Mpbs
    Java Version: Java 8 Update 40

    Old Computer:
    Windows 7
    32-bit system
    2GB of RAM
    Hard Drive Space: 320GB
    Download Speed: 15.44Mbps
    Java Version: Java 7 Update 45

    Processor speed is the same on both computers. Like I said previously, my old computer's stuff is not updated. The old computer takes 15-20 minutes to build while my new computer takes 45 minutes. Both computers use an external internet adapter. I have set up static IPs for them and use Google DNS settings on both.
  9. When i am in-game i cant use /gamemode 1 or /help even if i am op
  10. Austin, are you using 64-bit Java on your new PC?

    Or maybe you're rebuilding from scratch every time instead of starting with the Git updates from previous runs of BuildTools?
  11. i dont know what a ls-la is how to do it

    EDIT: i didnt have it in a folder moved it there and this is what i get http://pastebin.com/iGMwwkbe
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  12. AngelRani


    I am using a 64-bit version of Java. I am also running BuildTools in the same folder everytime. All I do is replace the old BuildTools jar file with an updated version and run it.
  13. ssamjh


    Whats the error? Can you take a screenshot or something?
  14. How Many Times Have You Ran BuildTools on you new PC? because the first time you run it it downloads a few extra's and so then it does not need to do that again untill there is a major chage and that makes the process faster
  15. With spigot-1.8.3-R0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar / #79 / 19 mars 2015 17:35:08, the problem is not resolved.
  16. AngelRani


    This past time would be the 6th time I have ran it. Takes the same amount of time each time I run it.
  17. Maybe 64 Bit just takes longer to compile, its not that big of a problem is it?
  18. Off the top of my head, the only largish difference is the fact that the "slow" machine in building with Java 8 and the "fast" machine is using Java 7. I am using Oracle's Java 8 to build on my Linux 2 CPU/16 GB machine and for an incremental build (not blowing away the directory) it takes about 15-20 minutes. In line with your "old" machine.

    Do this: blow away the BuildTools.jar.txt file (or move it) on both machines and then rebuild and post the two to pastebin and I will see if there is anything glaringly obvious in the Maven build spew.
  19. I use Java 7 on a Windows 8.1 laptop, and it takes maybe 10 minutes. I don't use Java 8 at all.
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