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  1. Organized and wonderful as always!
  2. Whats the IP to spigot
  3. One question: Does the permission for autocrafting still exists in 1.12.1 so i can disable the use of the recipe book completly like in the latest 1.12 update?
    Would be great :)
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  4. Eeeh, 1.12.3 around the corner.
  5. What do you mean? There isn‘t even 1.12.2 avaliable or did i miss something?
    And does somebody know what the „@@[email protected]@„ mean in the source code? Haven‘t seen that in java code before. Would be great if someone could explain that because i want to copy the Code for the autocraft permission from 1.12 to 1.12.1 so i can disable it completely. Have to copy it because i didn‘t find it in the 1.12.1 Spigot Source so i thing it got removed.
    Or is it still avaliable?

  6. It’s a diff patch file. That simply says, remove this lines of code and/or add new ones.
  7. Ok and if i want to copy the function of 1.12 to 1.12.1 how do i know what to write between the @@ @@?
    Where can i find the lines which have to be included instead of the @@?

    Or is the @@ replaced if i download the entire source code to my pc? If yes how can i do that so he apply all the patch files and give me the source code?
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  8. Ah crap, that was a typo, yeah i meant .2, not 3.
  9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Jens Bergensten‏Verified account @jeb_
    Good Monday! This week we aim to update Minecraft Java Edition to 1.12.2 to fix a few exploits and get a new game logo

    1:12 AM - 11 Sep 2017
    Minecraft is the new win10
    - update! update! update! ...........will robinson...............beware......... dr smith is behind you
    Was just getting use to MC1.12.1 - Thanks Spigot team
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