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  1. Great job with the quick turnaround!

    I just buildtools'd 1.12 and ran a test server, apparently WG and WE have issues? How does it look on the Spigot test server? Anyone can confirm discrepancies between WE&WG (most recent snapshot) running on 1.11.2 vs 1.12?

    Edit: I am aware that the Spigot team is not responsible for the WE&WG projects, however, these two plugins are the core of a majority of servers, including (I think) the Spigot test server so I don't consider this out-of-place.
  2. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    we have our own builds. There are jars on the spigotcraft github
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  3. Yippie! :)
    Lots of servers will be happy! :D
  4. Update Hype! Would you be interested in merging my AdvancementAPI system into Spigot? With of course some cleaned edges. @md_5 but love the update!
  5. Good Job, thanks for the fast update ;)
  6. MiniDigger


    Open an PR
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  7. When it is finished and supporting every part then open a PR. Currently the API is in early stages.

    There is much to do. http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Advancements
    Look at the JSON Format.
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  8. Thanks. Will be updating my servers. Is ViaVersion updated?
  9. Yes. It updated yesterday.
  10. BGHDDevelopment


    Amzing Thank You!!
  11. Oh will do!

    Cheers thank you!
  12. Hey ... if you guys are happy with how the 1.12 cycle has been so far with the pre releases and timely updates, please consider donating to SpigotMC, <3

    Very nice job @md_5
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  13. Loads fine for me on 1.12.
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  14. Nice! Thanks for the quick release. :)
  15. Thanks once again :D
  16. Server has been upgraded successfully, just the /ah (auction house) plugin that still hasn't had an update. I am hoping we will hear from the author soon - or .. does anybody know of a worthy alternative?
  17. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    WE and WG have been officially updated and both are loading fine now (use the dev versions from their CI servers)
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  18. Elaborate please? Where do I put it out.
  19. Thanks for the Update ;)
  20. Aren't made this recipe
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