Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.12

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Jun 8, 2017.

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  1. Thanks for the update! Also greatly appreciate the pre-release versions, it let me update and test my plugins and mods ahead of time instead of having to rush through it on release day. :D
  2. Thanks for that update :)
  3. Why are the generated Spigot 1.12 JAR files so much larger than the 1.11.2 JAR files? They work just fine, but I'm wondering why there is such a difference in file size.
  4. Probably because Minecraft 1.12 is new and has a bunch of new stuff ..
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  5. foncused

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    As always, thanks for the fast update!
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  6. Yeah 1.12 :D @nicecube you should try this and your plugins (I hope!) they will work!
  7. Just one word to describe you guys.....AWESOMENESS!
  8. Mas


    Nice work! Can't wait to mess around with all the new stuff :)
  9. That was very quick @md_5
    Keep it coming!
  10. Just go onto sonatype snapshots and you would find the latest
  11. It's amazing to see how fast Spigot releases are nowadays. Brilliant stuff, and I'm looking forward to continuing to work with 1.12 in plugin development.
  12. Thanks for the quick update! Happy parrot hunting, everyone. :)
  13. Please update the wiki , latest option or without option dont compile a 1.12 but 1.11.2

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  14. It's good to see that updates are still being released. Keep up the good work.
  15. Hello md_5! Thank you for the great job on 1.12 update.
    I have a question about: command-block-overrides: []
    I'm trying to use spawn: - mvspawn. But I want to make a delay. Like 10 secs. Is that possible? How? Thank you again
  16. md_5

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    There is no inbuilt mechanism for delays, you'll need a plugin to implement that.
  17. Any advice for multiworld (multiverse) spawn plugin?
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