Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.13.1 Development Builds

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  1. md_5

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    Builds for Minecraft 1.13.1 are now available. Because this is a bugfix release to the unstable 1.13 version, we will now only be supporting 1.13.1 for the 1.13.x series. All current 1.13 users are advised to update to 1.13.1 after successful testing.

    For information about 1.13.x in general, you should please read the initial thread: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/328883/. The information contained within is still valid and should be followed.

    We expect that in approximately two-three weeks 1.13.1 will become the recommended version of Spigot, and support for 1.12.2 will also be dropped.

    It is not expected that 1.13.1 contains any significant regressions compared to 1.13, however caution is still advised. In particular there have been significant changes to multiworld support and caution is advised when using existing worlds. This is not to say there are known issues, but rather that I do not feel comfortable recommending it until there has been substantial community testing.

    A note about updates
    It is a common misconception that Spigot only updates with Minecraft versions. This is incorrect, and new Spigot versions are generally released every day. There have been over 200 new versions released in the last month or so. You should use the /version command to check if you are up to date, and if not re-run BuildTools to get the latest version. It is important to stay up to date, especially around new releases.

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  2. Thanks for the continued hard work to release these updates!
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  3. I love you as much as I love Tacos!
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  4. Nice work!!

    I have a question, though:
    is this referring to changes made from 1.12.2 -> 1.13.1 , or is it referring to changes made in 1.13 -> 1.13.1?
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  5. Thanks for your continued hard work!!
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  6. Just leaving this here. Need to know as well. Will 1.13 generated worlds cause problems on 1.13.1?
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  7. Thank you for the amazing work and effort!
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  8. md_5

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    1.13 -> 1.13.1
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  9. Thank you for this hard work. (y):love:
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  10. Thank you very much for this hard work ! ^^
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  11. Does it break plugins ?
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  12. andrewkm

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    Many thanks for your continued awesome work on these updates!
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  13. I love them MORE then Tacos!
  14. Yahoo. Thank you for your work.
  15. Sikatsu


    Some of them yes.
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  16. yes it does :p
  17. Have you got examples of which plugins break ?
  18. Hey has the download been taken down, because I can't find the Spigot 1.13.1 download link anywhere.
  19. Sikatsu


    For me;

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  20. Okay, so only big plugins break ?
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