Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.13.1 Development Builds

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Aug 26, 2018.

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  1. Senmori

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    This is just an update for API changes/additions. This is not a complete list. There have been lots of builds.

    • You can now locate structures. (Documentation)
      • Update incoming for this to increase performance.
    • ItemStacks can now have AttributeModifiers. (It's about time!) (Documentation)
    • New ServerLoadEvent so plugins can now catch when the server is finished loading or reloading. (Documentation)
    • New LootTable API.
      • LootTable: Represents a LootTable that can be on an entity or certain blocks. (Documentation)
      • Lootable: Represents an entity or block that can have a LootTable. (Documentation)
    • GameRule API has changed.
        • For developers, GameRules are now generic so you can retrieve the appropriate type for the gamerule.
      • GameRules: (Documentation)
      • setGameRule: (Documentation)
    • BlockDispenseArmorEvent: This lets you catch when an equippable item is dispensed and equipped on a nearby entity.
    • MoistureChangeEvent: Catch when the moisture level of a soil block changes. (Documentation)
    • BatToggleSleepEvent: If you want to make it so bats never sleep? (Documentation)
    • PigZombieAngerEvent: Fired when a zombie pigman is angered. (Documentation)
    • SpongeAbsorbEvent: Fired when a sponge absorbs nearby water blocks. (Documentation)
    • PlayerRiptideEvent: Fired when a player activates the riptide enchantment. (Documentation)
    • Plugins can use their own Logger implementions. (Override the 'getLogger' method if you want to do so)
    • 'PlayerBedLeaveEvent' now has an option to not change spawn location.
    • You can now get the current horizontal facing of any Entity. (Documentation)
    • EntityTeleportEvent now fires when using the /teleport command.
    • LightningStrikeEvent now has a cause so developers can determine what caused lightning to strike. (Documentation)
    • Plugins can change the items in ItemFrames without playing sound. (SPIGOT-4314)
    • Material#isInteractable so developers can check what Materials can be interacted with. (SPIGOT-4199)
    • BlockFadeEvent is called for corals. (SPIGOT-4194)
    • BlockData can now be merged and parsed. (Documentation)
    • You can retrieve the hardness and blast resistance of a Material. (Documentation)
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  2. Does anyone have experience with --forceUpgrade?

    These are the last lines in my console so it looks like it's running the upgrade, but it appears to be stuck at counting chunks:

    Code (Text):
    24.09 02:36:19 [Server] INFO Counting chunks...
    24.09 02:36:19 [Server] INFO Forcing world upgrade! world
    24.09 02:36:19 [Server] INFO Preparing level "world"

    I have >100GB worth of chunks in the world so I can see why it might still be counting them. Should I see progress in the console when it begins to run the upgrade?
  3. I had a 1GB world and it took 30 minutes... I would think that 100+ GB is going to take you about 50 hours ;)
    There is a count up as it happens, but I am thinking its probably going to take 30 minutes before you hit 1%
  4. Thanks for that @ShaneBee.

    I had waited about 20 minutes before posting as I thought surely it wouldn't take 20 minutes to count chunks.

    Here I am 30 minutes later and it turns out I have 25037242 chunks. Please pray for me. ;)
  5. Im mid pray right now dont interrupt ;) haha!
    That is going to take you some tiiiiiiimmmeeeeeeee! All my fingers and toes are crossed for ya!

    NOTE: I hope to god your server is whitelisted so no one can log in... if its not, DO that now! make sure no one logs in!
    Dont want to risk interrupting anything
  6. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    fwiw whitelisting won't change anything, conversion happens very early in the startup process
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  7. Ah you are right... If i remember correctly the server doesn't actually start up technically
  8. I hope you made a backup!

    That world upgrade is so slow. They should have made it multi-threaded.
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  9. I have one question:
    How can I pay Plugins with a Google Play card or sth like this
  10. MiniDigger


    you can't. only paypal is accepted by spigot.
    you can however try to ask the authors of a plugin if they want to accept different methods of payments. most don't however.
  11. Ok, Thanks
  12. Lue


    Um, I'd just like to verify something that I've always been curious about. When preparing to update Spigot after checking '/version', do I need to delete the existing files/folders prior to running buildtools again? All of these:


    I've been regularly deleting the log.txt, and the two server jars - Bukkit and Spigot. However, I only clear the folders every now and then. Is this unnecessary? Or is it needed?

    Also... is this normal cpu usage when running Git to update Spigot?

  13. Unnecessary I never delete anything in that folder until buildtools fails and I need a clean install
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  14. Lue


    Thank you. That helps with the uncertainty I was always feeling. How about my edit? I did kinda add the edit in as an afterthought, since I was asking a question out of curiosity to begin with.
  15. I've never looked at my CPU usage as it builds but it does kinda make sense as it is a long process
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  16. Lue


    Hmm... is there any particular reason why the 'give' command doesn't function like vanilla? For example, a current 1.13 give command syntax looks like this, and returns this error:

    Code (Java):
    /give Quavelen iron_sword{RepairCost:40,Enchantments:[{id:sharpness,lvl:7},{id:looting,lvl:5},{id:vanishing_curse,lvl:1}]}


    In vanilla, it works:


    I had to slightly modify the syntax to this, to get it to work in Spigot:

    Code (Java):
    /give Quavelen iron_sword 1 {RepairCost:40,Enchantments:[{id:sharpness,lvl:7},{id:looting,lvl:5},{id:vanishing_curse,lvl:1}]}

    Is it a known issue, or are there reasons why it's like this? Sorry if this seems like spam at this point due to my constant questions and whatever. I just encountered this, and wanted to ask about it.
  17. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    That looks like you are using a plugin give command (Essentials?)?

    Maybe you want to use the Vanilla version, /minecraft:give
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  18. Lue


    Lol... yes. Thank you. I should have known that essentials overrides it; I did know, I should say. The vast majority of my day to day activities (chatting, playing games, and server administration) is done in a brain-dead state. I rarely get enough sleep, so that's a really big contributor to me making stupid mistakes like this.

    Sorry again.
  19. It looks like the force upgrade has stalled at 67%.

    Code (Text):
    5.09 07:28:28 [Server] INFO 67% completed (16951752 / 25037242 chunks)...
    25.09 07:28:27 [Server] INFO 67% completed (16951752 / 25037242 chunks)...
    25.09 07:28:26 [Server] INFO 67% completed (16951752 / 25037242 chunks)...
    25.09 07:28:25 [Server] INFO 67% completed (16951752 / 25037242 chunks)...
    Any ideas? Should I wait it out, or stop/start the server? Is there any way to tell what chunk it's stuck on?
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