Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.13.1 Development Builds

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  1. md_5

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    Could try using lsof to see what region files are open
  2. Cool - I used lsof and it's showing a bunch of region files (approx 100 in total, along with all of the plugin jars etc). Is it worth just removing these files (I have backups) and seeing if it starts again?
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  3. md_5

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    You could just try again
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  4. Thank you for taking the time to update this!
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  6. Hey, I've been using Spigot for a few years now and still on the same map for about a year. Is the spigot version for maps 1.12.2 soon ready? Because we can not wait to play on 1.13 / 1.13.1! In any case, thank you for your fabulous work! And good luck !
  7. Yes and no all bugs are now vanilla and mojang has stated there are no plans for 1.13.2. Best bet have players move their chests from the edge of a chunk to the center they can see chunk info with f3 screen
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  8. You could also use the latest build of paper spigot, they have fixed the chest on chunk border issue (i have not tested personally), upgrade your server, and then if you want, switch back to Spigot!
  9. MiniDigger


    But why would you want to switch back? :ROFLMAO:
  10. I dunno... that is just more if someone didn't want to use paper
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    And Spigot doesn't have that particular issue either anymore. Personally I'm also very careful with making sure that when a fix is done, it is done with a full understanding of why it occurs and why the fix solves it in the most complete way possible.

    The underlying point is that the server is still buggy all round, and the plugin ecosystem is incomplete. People invest years and years into their worlds and I don't feel comfortable going out and saying "yeah no known conversion bugs, your world will be fine, and also nothing will go wrong as a result of having plugins that haven't been written for 1.13", because that's simply not the case.

    It is entirely possible that my opinion of the status will never go away from red for 1.13, because that's how it is. I'm sure some people would just feel better if it wasn't there, or had a different colour, regardless of what the actual consequences are.
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  12. Thank you for that explanation.
  13. #1 Its good taking precaution obviously, having it red really makes people think. Well... for the ones who actually read it. If they don't then at least we can say... "Well hey maybe if you read the notes"
    #2 Its also good having you reply and explaining things like that. This way if someone asks "SO... is it stable" we can just quote your messages! "So the dude who creates spigot says..."
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  14. as far as I understand is unstable for upgrades from 1.12 right
    but there is some people that could start a fresh 1.13.1 world and they could have a stable 1.13.1
    and just wait the plugin updates, or is there something I am missing?
    cause as a survival someone could have a survival in 1.13.1 and in 1.12.2 as they are really different
  15. Guys, is it OK that average load is almost 2-3 times higher than it was on 1.12.2 version (based on CPU/RAM)? slightly surprised )))
    O-optimizaition? looking for 1.14...

    if not, could someone help me to understand how to find what "upgraded" plugin should I kill? (please dont advice to remove them one-by-one - it's live server)
  16. You could start a timing and look at the results after a few hours. That should indicate which plugin is causing those issues.
  17. Sorry if this sounds dumb but I’m on vanilla 1.13.1 for my server, is it possible to convert over to Spigot 1.13.1?
  18. Yes it is as simple as swapping the jars and changing the start script to match the name of the spigot jar and then start
  19. Ok thank you!! Much appreciated!
  20. Senmori

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    Yet another API update. Most of these are bug fixes but it's still worth mentioning.
    Bug Fixes:
    • SPIGOT-4398: Spigot can now experimentally support plugins made using Java 11. This is by no means an endorsement. It's a best effort attempt to support Java 11.
    • MC-134115: Fix issues converting tile entities. (This is the chest bug)
    • SPIGOT-4396: Improve vehicle movement.
    • MC-136886: Fix locate command loading chunks without needing to.
    • SPIGOT-4400: Populators run on existing chunks.

    API additions:
    • SPIGOT-4397: Add isChunkGenerated method to World. This lets users check if a chunk has been generated yet.
    • Add method to generate explorer maps. (Documentation)
    • SPIGOT-4391: Add isEditable to Sign. (Documentation)
    There were other bugs fixed but they were pretty small.

    As always, if you have ideas for a feature feel free to open a ticket and request it! There are plenty of new features lined up for future versions already.

    EDIT: Added link to Minecraft bug reports
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