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  1. There are still issues with converting a 1.12.2 world, but it's getting better.
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  2. Like what? As far as server implementation developers know, there are none. So if you know of an issue, you need to report it.
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  3. Even creating new worlds has issues, nah we're sticking to 1.12.2 for a while to come.
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  4. i have create a new world and i don't have any problem's. I have update my old worlds, but i don't have any Problems converting the old World's. For me it's all fine, but a backup is mandatory
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  5. Thanks for the hard work you guys do never goes unnoticed!
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  6. With this in mind, do you plan on rolling out to a general caution wave soon? I understand it's been a relatively short amount of time since the chest bug has been fixed and all, so there's not been much time to test.

    Our server is relatively antsy about updating from 1.12.2, but are also hesitant with 1.13.1 still being in the extreme caution phase. Is it reasonable to say that we should be fine provided we back up our world beforehand?
  7. "" Is it reasonable to say that we should be fine provided we back up our world beforehand?""
    To answer lightly yes. There are still little known bugs, but for the most part, the transitions have been successful for people. As of now it appears the biggest hurtle for updating isnt anything to do with Spigot itself, but rather with plugins. Many plugins still dont work properly on 1.13, and I think that is the biggest issue people are having right now!
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  8. I'm still on 1.12.2 and converting that world to 1.13.1 still has issues according to the main post and the last one, saying "extreme caution" so staying on 1.12.2 until its stable on Spigot side :)
  9. There's a known conversion issue where structures no longer spawn their specific mobs -- ie guardians at ocean monuments, wither skeletons at fortresses. I'm not sure how common it is, but it did affect me when I updated September 27th. I also experienced a couple other conversion issues, but I would consider them rare and minor.
  10. Lue


    Um, I wasn't able to find anything on my own, so I wanted to ask here if there was a changelog available for every update. These updates:


    It's not important, I'm just curious lol.
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  11. This has not been a problem for me. Converted my server over the weekend, structure spawning is normal so far.
  12. Interestingly enough, we've actually experienced this issue before, but it was a while back (sometime in 2015?) when initially converting to Spigot and setting up the Multiverse plugin. Were you already running Spigot 1.12.2 when converting/did you have or add any plugins?
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  13. Guys, sorry for asking in this thread - but has anyone faced issues with monuments location are changed after the upgrade 1.12.2 -> 1.13.1 by having the same world seed and spigot specific sub-seeds?
  14. I've noticed many issues with this too, many people have asked me about this too when upgrading. Being honest, I suggest start the world over.
  15. md_5

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    If you can reproduce it you should please make sure its reported, can't keep track of comments like this in random threads.
  16. Hello

    Not sure if I should post this question here, it kind of relates to world conversion. I was wondering if 1.13 world still need data files like "Mineshaft" or "Monument" in world data folder, or are those now stored in a new format in region files? Would it be okay to delete these, along with the "_index" files after the world was converted to 1.13?

  17. md_5

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    Is there any harm in leaving them?
  18. Look at: https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/changelog/
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