Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.13.1 Development Builds

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Aug 26, 2018.

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  1. My suggestion if you are having an issue with EssentialsX, contact the dev of the project or post in the correct forum, Spigot Plugin Help, since this is unrelated to the actual Spigot Build 1.13.1, which this thread is for!
  2. Well I didn’t see that coming ... 10C79A3B-EA15-4ED2-8998-C041F412F5A9.jpeg
  3. Fingers crossed that their "big bugs" is in regards to world conversation and not "a turtle has an easier time getting on the beach"
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  4. MiniDigger


    aren't the world conversion bugs fixed by spigot anyways?
  5. Not all of them, but the ones they fix might be the ones already fixed. *shrug*
  6. MiniDigger


    Which one haven't been fixed? Can you link the mojira issues?
  7. Choco


    Spigot fixed this not too long ago, but it's nice to see vanilla finally catching up. lol. Pretty sure md_5 was the one that gave Mojang the fix to begin with. He had the last comment on September 27th
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  8. I agree with it.
  9. You nailed it :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    • Improved performance of turtle pathfinding
  10. MiniDigger


    you might saw a comment by someone else just before that
    That was actually a major lag cause in earlier builds, I am not sure if spigot patched this but that fork I shall not talk about did.
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  11. You kept telling me to use paper, since it's just a drop in replacement.

    7 plugins didn't work nice with it, few reported back they don't support paper and didn't even load. And we had loads of unexpected behaviors for some reason. The TPS was actually down to 19.3 as well :/ but I can only assume that's perhaps because of plugins not really doing their best.

    It's not as magical as promised. I think I am going to stick to spigot for a while to come.

    HEY! .. i tried.
  12. I passed along @BillyGalbreath's fix to grum for that one :p
    It was a pretty big deal.
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  13. MiniDigger


    Instead of productively replying to your comment (and prolly getting banned in the process of doing so) I suggest you to join the support channels (discord, IRC, soon a forum) of that fork that I am not allowed to name and ppl will be happy to assist you. There seems to be smth wrong with your setup.
  14. No thanks, spigot works, I tried alternatives, doesn't work for what we have - i dont have the time to go plugin fishing and finding solutions and all that.

    on topic again..

    Glad to hear there's a 1.13.2 out before the weekend, and hopefully there's a nice fresh spigot nightly by monday or friday after. The testing can start again - have fun all the devs involved in these projects, plugins, resources, tools, whatever.
  15. MiniDigger


    It's a really really small update, I doubt that plugins will be affected. There where changes to datafixerupper, to the ai of cods and turtles, that one world conversion bug and a change to the protocol how items are handled (now ints vs shorts before). It the impact for plugins should be really small. I would say as long as you don't deal with the slot data type you are safe.
  16. I wouldn't know how devs make their plugins, it's up to myself to go check what we have successfully running in 1.13.1 if they have any type of issues in 1.13.2.
  17. I've updated from 1.12 to 1.13.1 for almost a month now. I don't see any world errors and there haven't been any reports of this. Is it safe to say I am good?
  18. If you updated before 26 Sep 2018, then you very likely lost SOME chest contents. It only impacted chests facing a certain direction that crossed chunk lines.

    Depends how much of your world might of been converted before that date.

  19. Is chest contents all?
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