Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.13.1 Development Builds

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  1. Official 1.13.2 is out. Now we wait patiently for MD_5 and team to update spigot. :)
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  2. Wow 1.13.2 is out :D let wait fpor the Spigot Update :D
  3. MiniDigger


    inb4 10 more posts saying that 1.13.2 is out. no need to spam this all over the forums.
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  4. electronicboy

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    "All developers have a production and development environment, just for some, those are separate" ~ Some random image or something I saw a long while ago
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  5. dont worry this wont be the last xD
    ist normal that everybody wants to tell it and this will happen aggain on each Version update ;)
  6. MiniDigger


    I know that quote as "Everybody has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough enough to have a totally separate environment to run production in." https://twitter.com/stahnma/status/634849376343429120?lang=en
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  7. Server owners who come here asking for support because they don't have a backup to rollback to, or who updated their live site without testing first, should have taken their mc server a bit more serious. How hard is it so cp your live site, change the port, and use that instance for testing?
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  8. You're talking about a bunch of 12 year-olds.
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  9. I doubt all these spigot servers here are run by little boys and girls - surely there's another adult here besides me? >.<
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  10. Any server that has a world that has been around since at least 1.8 has the chance that they have a chunk with a book that wasn't loaded in a later version. On a related note, I believe this upgrade ate my dungeon chests on only my oldest world in chunks that haven't been loaded in a while.
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    I'm 9.
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  12. So you've been a member since the age of 2 (y)
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  13. Lue


    Yup, I'm 27 and I manage the server owned by a 34 year old. Although, I do feel somewhat like Bobcat00 said. The vast majority of servers I've played over the years, have been staffed, owned, and managed by teens.
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  14. not everyone is updating worlds... but those that setup a new world on 1.13.1 has to wait for like 3 months that spigot update is secure to update worlds so is not development build, if spigot would not do a safe update just let's say, 1.13.1 is officially out but you should not update worlds or this could happened.... cause there are some people that can start a new world on 1.13.1 and there is no version for them, just cause some developers feel like all has to be perfect in all sense even when it's to late... if the dinner is not ready for 9 pm you got to give it to your kids or they will not sleep right and be ready to go to school... I meant set a version that is not for updating from 1.8 but is ready, cause it has been a lot of waiting just for updating old worlds
    if spigot 1.13.1 is ready when Mojang release 1.14 is to late, there is not improvement for innovation spigot servers will always be "deprecated" as you can not use an IPhone 7 only when IPhone 8 is out
    I meant
    be at the forefront is important is important to be at the innovation in this world
    now is late to Youtubers to join a spigot server and says hey!!! this is new in 1.13 check it out
    and would happened the same on 1.14 I guess cause this is not innovating is not the newest...
    the mindset here feels like is new? no lets not sell it lets test it for 3 months
    if a country do that it would be 3 months late... like his people will always have the IPhone that is old or obsolete cause you can test and that's cool but also be at the forefront and have the latest and newest is good... I meant we need to have guts to be the newest and best of the best... I love spigot but if this is ignored I would have to set vanilla minecraft server on 1.14 when is out on new world cause I want my players can test new stuff, even if is not 100% tested, cause they would know that and a youtuber could do a hardcore on 1.14 cause now is when people want to see that video no after half of a year when 1.14 is old news
    please understand my point of view, I am not saying I am the correct point of view but enough is enough
    it has been 3 months now and it starting to feel bad, that a video on a server of 1.13 is old news now
    I meant I did not update a world from 1.8 I could have 2 servers one on 1.8 and other on 1.13
    can I have a spigot that is not in development mode? :(
    sorry I know you working for free just for the love but I just hope I could give my sincere opinion
    cause I would love to see an option for the innovation the untested but the newest of the newest like discovering minecraft not check this game is 100 tested and is old also
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  15. md_5

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