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  1. Spigot does not allow a 1.12.2 client to join a 1.13.2 server. You're using a plugin for that. The issue is with that plugin.
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  2. In the ViaVersion config try disable-1_13-auto-complete: true
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  3. Wait, there are parrots? I have never seen one. But I haven't been much in jungle biomes either as of "late".
  4. Yes they were added in 1.12
  5. There was a parrot right outside of my house on the Spigot 1.13 test server. The parrot just sat there. It never did anything.
  6. I compiled 1.13.2, but it seems to be the same build as last time ("Spigot 1.7.5 Build #1387"). How do you enter it in Git (e.g. java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev ?) to get the 1573-i revision?
  7. You want 1.12.2 ? It's:
    java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.12.2
  8. How to make that water would stop disappearing without a source block when it's from 1 to 7 level?
    BlockFromToEvent and BlockPhysicsEvent is useless, doesn't work
    Issue wasn't there in 1.12
  9. md_5

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    BlockFromToEvent doesn't work in 1.12.2 either.

    BlockPhysicsEvent works for me in 1.13.2:

  10. Strange. Could I see The code?
  11. So is 1.13.2 considered "stable" now?
  12. md_5

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    Literally just cancels all physics events
  13. It's less stable than 1.12.2. Can you be more specific?
  14. while on the subject of TabComplete I have noticed that I cannot tab complete in the consol window on some of my servers, wondered if this maybe a plugin issue, a bungee issue, or a spigot issue. In the course of upgrading to 1.13.2 I've updated so many plugins, added a few new ones where others were not being updated, so have lost track. Just wondered If anyone else out there had this same issue? Thanks!
  15. Tab completion on console works just fine.

    However, if you're using something like Multicraft, tab completion won't work.
  16. MC 1.13.x is a diiferent beast.
    It is as stable as expected to be usable for the fore-seeable future.
    It is now for the plugin developers to use the new interfaces as needed.
  17. Fancy buildtools update!
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  18. Today spigot.jar made by the new buildtool is about 3 MB bigger than yesterday and last weeks.
  19. md_5

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    Only ~5%... Surprisingly large but its basically because the local variable (debug) info for Mojang packaged libraries is no longer removed. This speeds up the initial build process by ~30 seconds on fast PCs and presumably much more on slow PCs.

    Maybe we could investigate a pre shrink process to cut down size quite substantially, but that would again be at the cost of build time.

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