Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.13 Development Builds

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  1. 2018-09-28_20.38.48.jpg

    Can't say I agree with you..
  2. MiniDigger


    Again, it's been always like that, is this your first migration to a new world generator?
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  3. Of course not, don't patronise me. You know me longer than today.

    This is the first time since 2011 that it's been this inconsistent and destructive. And you can say what you want, I don't see spigot listed as the recommended version, they're still development builds. So tag is stable all you want, ..
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  4. The only reason previous versions were boundary stable was because mojang never changed the generator much.

    But this update changed quite a lot, so that generally throws off calculations for 'what biome should this be'.

    But there also does appear to be some use of a random instance thats shared too much that relates to the tree problem, which may also be the source of the biome swap issue too.

    Or it could just be that mojang made changes and didn't care about smoothness to existing worlds :/
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  5. Thanks You Guys !
  6. Shaggy67


    I'm wondering if anybody with these issues originally used a custom generator to create their old worlds. Didn't Mojang say that custom generators are not supported for 1.13 world conversions?
  7. Just to clarify, my screenshot is vanilla world.
  8. That is odd... I have never seen an issue like that! so weird!
  9. Oh, this one was interesting, "should" explain my missing chunks.
    I ran Craftbukkit for a short while a long time ago.

    I _THINK_ I have tried converting with spigot too, but I will try again just to be sure.
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  10. Shaggy67


    From the 1st page...

    *** Spigot 1.12.2 worlds must be converted using CraftBukkit/Spigot and NOT Vanilla.
  11. Yes. but there's something else to it than just spigot, i have quite a few of those borders in my world. :( See provided screenshot, also notice the regenerated terrain in the swamp in the top right corner.
    It's also all over the place, random, so it can't be entirely because i ran spigot/craftbukkit for a while.
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  12. Used to be quite common before when notch changed terrain generation. Now mojang changed it again. so that's why.
    I wsih they came up with a way to make a smooth transition but I guess it's not that easy.

    I re-ran the conversion and now it's okay, I must've messed something up the first time.
    BUT, most of the missing chunks I had is NOT because I've ran spigot before, the missing chunks were in older terrain so Mojang can't blame Spigot/map editors entriely.
    Big thanks to the Spigot team for fixing things that shoud've been in the Vanilla 1.13 release from the start.
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  13. Woo, were no longer on extreme caution!
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  14. What? We still are ... and it will stay like this until Mojang gets their shit together (if at all)
  15. It's not completely clear...
    This means that the current state is "Caution" ...
    but just above this you can read : "We are currently in the extreme caution wave..."
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  16. Normal (1.13.x - far future):

    This can't be right :D "far" future is 1.14 ;o Surely there's a holiday update. ^_^
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  17. @md_5 was this missed?
    Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.01.38 pm.png
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  18. Its pretty clear because they changed it, they probably forgot about the text.
    Edit:They changed it to:
    As for general server stability we expect that this update will fall into three key "waves" for those looking to update. So its 100% clear were no longer on the extreem caution.
    (yes i did write extreem ironically)
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  19. So is the world conversion still broken or can u now convert old maps to 1.13 without problems?
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