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  1. If you are using 1.13, yes its still broken.
    If you are using 1.13.1 it appears to be working just fine. Some people have reported some minor issues, mainly with chunk borders not being "perfect" but I guess that is bound to happen
  2. md_5 assumed that Mojang would fix stuff with 1.13.1, 1.13.2, 1.13.3, etc. But obviously that didn't happen. With 1700 open issues in 1.13.1, Mojang doesn't GAF.
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    There are always so many open issues. I don't get why ppl suddenly are so upset and think that the game is unstable. It never was stable before by your definition, lol.
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  4. I'd like to say if you experience bugs it's more likely to be mojang bugs and not spigot ones.
  5. Btw, I have r.-26.37.mca region files in my current world after upgrading to 1.13.
    All dimenions have those "same" region files and it doesnt matter if i delete them, they regenrate on startup.

    Anyone know what causes that specific region to get created even after deletion?
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  6. Hello! Someone linked me this video:

    I think this could be the cause of massive lag and ram usage that happened 2 times last week, that I couldn't explain. Is this a known bug?
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  7. I've seen various videos since the snapshot of the first 1.13 build. Maybe 1.13.2 has these things addressed, or it's just something we have to live with.
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    you should be able to easily catch such contraptions with a plugin if they become an issue on your server.
  9. Not everybody is a developer and can just whip something together, we're just noobs running a java vm
  10. For now I reduced the max and per tick, and I can find the cheaters with the coreprotect, but it doesn't remove the "duplication" problem
  11. @Bobcat00 --> https://minecraft.net/nl-nl/article/minecraft-java-edition-1132

    Mojang is fixing their stuff very soon. If that version is released, then it is save to upgrade.
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  13. I know, but that are some major issues that'll be fixed. I think most of them will be fixed in 1.14
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    Doesn't every update introduce thousands of new issues? That's just what happens if you deal with legacy code bases.
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  15. So we have to deal with many bugs until Christmas (estimated date for 1.14)? I think that before Microsoft acquiring mojang, major versions updates were more infrequently, but more stable and with less bugs. They are releasing too many things in too less time, and they are patching these bugs with frequent updates. This can work with normal games, launchers downloads small updates for every game at start-up, and the final user don't even realize it. But for games like Minecraft, with lot of mods and plugins, this strategy isn't the best
  16. The Village and Pillage update is currently scheduled for early 2019 (17m 40s).
  17. Trust me, that is looking back at things with rose-tinted glasses.
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  18. You mean 1.14 that will bump the 1500 to 2000?
  19. More than likely. It is getting a bit out of hand how each and every update adds thousands of new issues to the game. You'd think with this game being the cash cow that it is that they could hire a better Q/A environment
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  20. This is pretty ridiculous - https://twitter.com/Dinnerbone/status/1050383112155357184
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