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    Actually no, because I just woke up and didn't expect anything, but it loaded fine
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  2. We all knew that going in, in fact, that's what they all wanted, surprisingly. We're running the regular 1.14 build right now and it's fairly stable, they understand what can happen.
  3. Do I just enter in --forceupgrade into my console or am I missing something big here? Spoilers: It doesn't work through console.
  4. When starting your server, you add the --forceUpgrade argument after the jar file in the command. If you use a startup script, try starting it manually to upgrade it. As an example, here is how I did it:
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    java -Xms1G -Xmx3G -jar spigot.jar --forceUpgrade
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  5. I can understand needing to move away from json-simple. I am not questioning your decision to move to gson.

    I have nothing against gson persay, but even when using open sourced products I tend to stay away from corporate libraries. Not that Java itself is a corporate engine at this point.

    There are many other options out there for json streaming/parsing. As a software developer, I would appreciate knowing why you decided to go with gson (Google) for it?
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    Vanilla already uses gson and its very popular in the community.
    It is very sophisticated compared to eg json-simple, yet can also be used in essentially the same manner if you desire.
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  7. Firestar311


    I have been messing with this since 1.14 came out and from what I can tell, GSON is faster, more reliable and has better features so far, for me at least.
    And what is the problem with corporate libraries? They don’t make much money if any at all
  8. Ouch, that is not what should happen, I can't say what goes wrong, and OMG, i just stopped looking at this page for about one evening and a night, and it is overwhelming with reactions, prob. you have the answer already... that said, apart from having to wait to actually startup the client (still 1.13.2) with this converted world takes longer than normally it does, just like the ol days of computing (waiting......). The worlds we converted totally to 1.13.2 showed aquatic items that were absolutely not of this world, pieces of rock just planted on a rather flat sea surface and having coral or kelp growing out of it as if it dropped from the sky and stood on the floorbed like a Titanic.... rather weird.... But at least there is a change we did not see before, so, successfully? I am not sure, but it goes alright....
  9. What if im using multicraft for my server?
  10. MrFloris, nice of you to tell what current plugins do and how they behave in this 1.14 era....
    Is there not somewhere a site or part of a forum that keeps a list of plugins that are 1.14 proof? In the past I saw something similar about going to 1.13.....
    If anyone has problems with certain plugins, maybe this way we can help each other out...... ;)
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  12. Apologies, but you made a big thing in the original post about people doing their own testing before raising a bug report so after I checked that this wasn't the same problem as the previous, closed bug report I spent the rest of the day trying to narrow down the problem.

    Bear in mind that I was trying to run --forceUpgrade on a moderately large world (though not as large as some of the others mentioned) so each test was taking maybe 30-45 minutes and I didn't want to start hacking around the region files and get told that was the cause of the problem.

    However, it seems that the problem seems to have been resolved now for which I again thank you and the rest of the dev team for all your hard work.
  13. andrewkm

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    For the record, I've just converted a huge 20GB map to 1.14 originally generated on 1.13.2 without issue.
    Thought I'd drop a positive note in the thread ;)
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  14. Hi, I was wondering if the things we experienced on our server, I personally bumped into a few of those on one server, are in the line of what I earlier told here (The worlds we converted totally to 1.13.2 showed aquatic items that were absolutely not of this world, pieces of rock just planted on a rather flat sea surface and having coral or kelp growing out of it as if it dropped from the sky and stood on the floorbed like a Titanic.... rather weird)
    This was like a blockwave pattern on an oscilliscope, down, up, down etc.... So then I read your message to only post the "bad" parts, but how can we tell that from the folder then? We, I mean seriuosly, are not this crafted like you and your team... We know how to handle a server and post a problem, we can deal with the solution too, but how do I find for example two or lets say sixteen chunks to send to you showing what --forceupgrade does to a 1.12.2 world to the 1.13.2 version.... (We are not ready yet for 1.14)

    I hope you understand, this is not unwilling but a lack of knowledge on our part....
  15. There's a 1.12 and 1.13 thread/wiki page where the community kept track. I think over time a 1.14 one will be created by either the same guy (I don't want to jump in an beat these guys to it). I am just sharing my findings, but it's no guarantee that every command and/or permissions or situation with the plugin has been tested. It's a 'first impression', just like how this spigot 1.14 dev build is a first impression.

    Here's the list for 1.13 i've always had in my signature on the posts; https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/spigot-1-13-plugin-compatibility-list/
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  17. Does anyone have the chunk loading problem? I start my server normally without plugins and it's just crashing after I go a few chunks away from the spawn. I'm using the latest spigot 1.14 from buildtools.

    Version: CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-0c02b0c-28adbcf (MC: 1.14) (Implementing API version 1.14-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
  18. md_5

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    You have a strange idea of latest version
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  19. I see.... so i need to run the BuildTools again i think.

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